2 Common Problems That Lead To A Troubled Relationship

Very rare are couples that never seem to run into some bumps along the road. If you are well able to recognize what troubled relationship issues you and your partner will be facing ahead of time, then you always have a much better chance of getting past such bumps successfully.

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Experts are keen in pointing out that despite the ups and downs that happen to every relationship, successful couples learn the right way by managing those ups and downs together while keeping the love going. They come out successful in their marriage simply by hanging in there and leaning on one another despite the difficulties and troubles that stand in between them.

The same can also be said by learning how to maneuver together through the maze of complex issues that helped define daily life. Many couples have also learned to trust in other things, like reading and understanding self-help books, counseling, attending seminars, or casually observing how other successful couples live their lives. They all do these things through trial and error.

When Communication Becomes a Problem

There is that simple truth that all relationship woes stem from having poor communication. No individual in a relationship can ever communicate with his/her partner while watching TV, flipping through the pages of the sports section, or even while simply checking the Blackberry. Couples must understand that this is not the way to move forward. Time and effort must be invested to stay away from a troubled relationship.

Working it out is not really that hard, fortunately. In your case, you could try making actual appointments with your partner. If you are living together, care to put your phones on vibrate mode, get the kids to their bed, and simply let the voicemail pick up any incoming calls. Let the world pass you by and care less. The moment belongs to you both. This is a good sample on how to work around obstacles in this modern world.

If you seem that communication would be less likely without having to raise your voices, try to bond with your partner in public places (the library, restaurant, or parks, etc) where screaming at each other would be embarrassing to others around. You could also try to set up some rules like no interruptions when someone’s talking, or better yet banning certain phrases such as “You never…” or “You always…” For your part, you can use some body language just to show that you listen to your partner to what he/she has to say. This is important so you can set a “friendlier” tone in your conversation and show that you are interested in saving your troubled relationship.

When Sex Becomes a Problem

Even couples who love each other can obviously suffer from sexual incompatibility. This is a serious issue, which stems from a lack sexual education and self-awareness. It must be understood that sex is very sacred in this case. Experts everywhere cry out that sex brings couples much closer together. This releases those hormones that aid both of them in becoming physically and mentally compatible. It’s chemistry that keeps couples and relationships healthy together.

To get around this very, very serious problem, it would be wise to plan on how both of you could approach it together, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. A good suggestion would be to create “special time together” appointments, except during night time when both of you are too tired from work. Many love the idea of a fast one before going to work. Maybe it could also work well in your case. It is through these simple things (no matter how unlikely they would seem to others) that create the conditions to save troubled relationships.