5 Easy Ways to Make Money with Squidoo

Squidoo is one of the many Web 2.0 Internet platforms that have taken the online world by storm in the past few years. As well as a great place to find information and a friendly online community, Squidoo is one of the most rewarding ways to earn money online without any investment. Not only Squidoo can be great for getting backlinks to a website but there are also several ways a Squidoo lens can generate some income, either for charity or for yourself. Having been a Squidoo lensmaster for a few months, I thought I would share the following 5 easy ways to make money with Squidoo.

In order to get paid when your Squidoo lens generates some income, you should open a Paypal account if you don’t already have one. If you want the money earned by your Squidoo lens to be sent to you, don’t forget to set up your account so that 100% of your lens’ earnings go to your Paypal account; if you want to give the money to charity, you are free to do so as well by selecting the right payment option.

You may notice that Google advertisements are being displayed on Squidoo lenses: Adsense is one of the monetizing methods used on the Squidoo website, so even if you don’t sell anything on your lens, this is the easiest way to make money from Squidoo as the website shares some of its Adsense revenue with all the lensmasters. You won’t make a fortune out of Squidoo’s Adsense program on just one lens, but if you have a few popular lenses and one or more of the other monetization methods that are compatible with their website, you have the possibility of earning more than just pocket money with Squidoo.

When you build your Squidoo lens, you will have to add modules; some of these are text, photos or other such as polls or even video which will bring your lens to life while adding valuable content, others are affiliate modules such as Amazon, profit accumulator Reddit, eBay, and CafePress. If you are not yourself an affiliate of these websites, you can still use these modules; you may not make much money from these on a single lens, but if you want to avoid signing up to a lot of affiliate programs and still earn money from them, these modules are well worth adding to your lens.

Of course, if you are a member of Amazon or any other affiliate program that Squidoo already uses, you should set up a few modules displaying items for sale containing your own affiliate IDs. You must choose products related to the topic of your lens for more success and with a little knowledge of HTML, you can also include other affiliate links such as Clickbank or any other affiliate program you fancy, as long as these have nothing to do with gambling as Squidoo does not accept gambling related lenses. Many lensmasters use Squidoo as a way to make money through affiliate marketing; try and combine article marketing with Squidoo to get the most of your affiliate programs.

Advertise for free and make more money with Squidoo: whether it’s freelance writing, programming, website design, you can use your Squidoo lens as a free way to broadcast yourself and your home-based business. Squidoo is not just another way to advertise online for free, having an original Squidoo lens is a great way to show off your work and get that little extra advantage over people using only classified to advertise their work. A lot of webmasters use one or more Squidoo lenses to advertise their websites and get free backlinks and a bigger audience for their business. It is a good idea to use a form on your lens so that you can safely collect contact names and email addresses of potential customers without having to display your own private email address to the whole world.

Sell your own items on your Squidoo lens: you can sell anything you like on Squidoo: if you are turned off by the high fees being charged by eBay, why not set up your own mini-site on Squidoo where you can sell second-hand or new clothes, a rare comics collection or even e-books? Squidoo easily lets you display photographs of the items you are selling and you can even add Paypal buttons and get the payments straight onto your Paypal account.

Now that you are familiar with these five easy ways to make money with Squidoo, all you have to do is promote your lens; the more people will see your lens, the more money you will make on Squidoo. You can also start building more lenses: the more lenses you have the more likely you will be to earn good money, but the key to making a lot of money with Squidoo is to have a lot of well-monetized lenses that are being regularly updated with good quality content and actively promoted.