6 Ways to Empower Your Immune System

After being a care giver for my aging parents for more than 15 years, I’ve learned many priceless facts about how the body fights disease, and what can be done to strengthen your own immunities. Of course, there is no way to control what happens to us in life, but being positive and proactive about health has kept my parents, alert, in charge and productive, well into their nineties.

How and Why It Works

I want to share what we have experienced, to motivate others to be well, longer, and or to recover with less suffering, if illness occurs. The following steps are simple, and can become healthy habits for a lifetime:

1) Eat Well. You hear it often because it is the truth. Plant based diets with green vegetables (yes broccoli), loads of fruits, seeds, nuts, high protein foods and low-mercury fish, like salmon, sardines, light-chunk-tuna (not Albacore); and during flu season, dark berries (blueberries and raspberries) give your immune system a real boost to fight bacteria and viruses.

2) Eat foods containing live cultures. Yogurt is one of the best live-culture-containing foods, as is sauerkraut, and these cultures contain healthy bacteria which promotes digestion and gives the body the ability to absorb more nutrients from foods and vitamin supplements. On line you can get a complete list of foods that contain live cultures. The more nutrients the blood stream absorbs, the better your immune system works. With the following of the tips, the gut immune system will be improved. The supplements should be purchased from the reputed and licensed sites. The charges should be charged as per the budget prepared through the person. The foods and vitamins should be sufficient for the person to get the massive benefits. 

3) Regular periods of at least 30 minutes of exercise. Moving at your own level of comfort, helps to reduce the build up of stress that suppresses the immune system. You not only strengthen your muscles and circulatory system, you also hydrate with fluids, and this flushes impurities from your body, naturally.

4) Getting Enough rest. Sleep needs vary from person to person. It’s true that Martha Stewart only seems to need 4 or 5 hours of sleep to be able to run an empire. Older people, too, seem to need less hours of deep sleep, but they also nap from time to time. Your body tells you if you’ve gotten enough rest, by how you feel when you wake up. If you still feel tired and listless, you probably need more rest. When you wake up energized, your body has had time to repair cells, and process good foods, and your immune system is operating at its full potential.

5) Keeping a positive attitude. This is the best advice anyone can share with you. My mom always brings joy and gratitude, along with energy and happiness, to any situation. She believes that sincerity and hopefulness of mind and spirit, work wonders in all situations. At 87 she fought Colon Cancer, had 27 sessions of Radiation, and after five years, was still Cancer-Free.

6) Support Group Availability. Having loving, caring family and extended family, friends and good medical care in your life, help to reduce the “stress” that feelings of helplessness produce in the body. Sharing feelings, being needed, and knowing you are not helpless, gives each of us a healthy perspective to fight off illness. Stress reduction improves the immune systems capacity to function to its fullest extent.

Why these Steps Work

These steps are not magic bullets, and hold no surprise, but I have seen them work, not once, but over and over again. I’ve seen my elderly loved ones, my friends, and my children, take these steps and not only survive, but thrive. My parents always followed this regiment for good health and passed it on to family and friends with good intentions and great results. It is with these intentions in mind, that I now, pass these steps for an empowered Immune System on to you!