A Little More On Weight Loss Patches – Know About It

A number of people see the use of weight loss patches as a move forward in the fight to control weight problems seen in the population, although the Federal Trade Commission in the United States has warned the public not to be misled by exaggerated claims. The weight loss patches make bold claims by saying they help to stop the food cravings that a number of overweight individuals feel and help to get rid of the excess fat.

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They are said to work along the same lines as the weight loss tablets, however they are more effective because the chemicals are introduced directly and bypass the stomach where valuable nutrients can often be dissolved making the pills ineffective. The method used is called trans dermal transfer and is used in other ways to introduce drugs slowly into the system and in this instance, chemical substances to help easy the desire to eat and others to help increase the metabolic rate.

The transferal delivery system used is safe and works based on the idea that some molecules are so small that it is possible for them to be easily absorbed through the skin and then directly into the bloodstream for the body to use. It is believed the efficiency with which this type of system delivers the chemical substances is upwards of ninety five percent.

The whole system relies on the molecules being the correct size for entry into the skin and blood. Most weight loss systems make use of certain chemical substances depending on what they are trying to achieve including caffeine, chromium and hydroxycitric acid, all of which can be found in weight loss patches.

A number of makers have now started developing and marketing their own versions of the patch, but some are more effective than others and a number of specialists agree that there are other aspects that may need to be considered when assessing the efficiency of these patches. Even though the chemical substances are indeed administered as mentioned (the legitimate patches that is), there is the psychological effect to consider when a patch is worn that is difficult to measure that can aid the person who is using it to remain on a diet.

Although you can put it anywhere on your body, a weight loss skin patch is recommended to be placed on the back or the shoulders and before applying always clean the area in order to remove any dirt and then dry the area completely before you place the patch on the skin. Wherever there is excess hair, you may want to remove excess hair first on a particular area before putting on the weight loss patch or to choose another area where there is less hair growth.

This will ensure the patch will stick better and means that the absorption is more uniform. Ensuring the patch does not get wet is also important because the water may affect the chemical constitution and as a consequence it won’t deliver the correct amount into the skin. Weight loss products are by and large more successful when they are used in combination with other products in an overall health plan and weight loss patches are no different.