Beginner’s Guide to Bow Hunting: How to Choose the Right Arrowhead

When it comes to bow hunting, there are several things that many of us always do. Whether it is de-scenting our gear, putting whiskers on the string to silence the twang, or making sure we do not pluck on release, we all have things that we concentrate on. One sad thing is that many new archers overlook their tips. This can be a really detrimental to any hunting trip. There are many things that you need to consider. Whether you are out shooting targets or trying to land that big buck, the tips you use can make all the difference.

One thing that you really need to do is pay attention to the grain or weight of your tips. This can really mean the difference between a successful hunt and an afternoon of cussing out nature as you search the foliage for your arrows. You need to make sure that your field tips and your broad heads are the same weight. A difference of just five grains can throw your shaft off the mark. When you set your sights and when you are practicing you need to have field tips that match the heads you will be using when you go out for real. If they are too heavy, the heads will be well above your mark, and too light will make it drop. You will want to find your preferred broad head, buy at least a dozen of them, and then buy a couple dozen field tips of the exact same weight. This will ensure that you are on target every time you pull that string back.

There is a trick where you can shoot your target by just listening to the sound but it needs to be done with a lot of practice as animals are quick paced to stay on to fall prey so therefore do read about bow hunting releases online to get the gist of how to shoot.

Knowing which tip to have on when you are out hunting is a simple thing. If you are after small game that is quick (rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc.) you need to have field tips on. For the most part, if it will dress out under fifty pounds, you need to use a field point. These are deadly enough to take down these smaller animals, yet they will not cause problems if you miss. For big game, you will need to use your broad heads. The type of broad head that you choose is really a matter of preference and local law. There are many states that have laws against certain heads. Many states have outlawed satellites because they are not very lethal and can make the animal suffer. You would also have to chase the thing down for hours while it bleeds to death. There are certain broad heads that are tailored to different animals as well. If you are bear hunting, there are some heads that are more effective, while there are some that are very effective against deer. If you are hunting several different species of animal, there are tips for that as well.

When you are out hunting big game and get the perfect shot at some bunnies or squirrel, do not take the shot. There was one trip when I was with my brother and we were out for deer. We had hunkered down, just outside a corn field and were just waiting for the deer to come by. While waiting, a squirrel decided to pester my brother. It kept dropping nuts and twigs on him. Finally, he had enough. This squirrel came out and was just about to drop another acorn on my brother when he took his shot. The squirrel jumped out of the way and my brother spent the next three hours carving his broad head out of the tree with a pocket knife. This is a prime example of why not to use broad heads on small game. It would also tear up the little bit of meat that you do get from them. It may be a good idea to keep one or two arrows with field tips on them just in case you are the victim of squirrel abuse or get that perfect shot on a couple smaller furry woodland creatures. If you are out for small game or targets, you can shoot big game with a field point. You will need to be perfectly accurate and pray for a major organ hit. If not, you may be chasing that thing for days. I would not recommend trying to land a bear or other violent animal with a field point either. You may regret that if you live long enough.

There are several things that you can do to make yourself a better archer. Constant practice, perfect execution, proper mechanics, and uniformity are all things that will make you better no matter what it is that you are shooting. Keeping your tips the same weight and ensuring that you are using the right tip for the right situation is just one more thing that you can do to get better with your bow.