Best games to entertain yourself in the time of lock down

With the world still battling the deadly Covid-19 epidemic, the best way to help is by staying at home. Many countries have issued lockdown protocols and restricted movement order. So it is important that you keep yourself engaged and set your mind into something interesting. Isn’t it? Apart from all the other activities you choose to do, gaming is legit one of the best way to spend time at home. Not only is it fun, but really engaging. So, here are the top 4 games that you can choose to play when you are bored at home during this time.

Mario Kart –

some things never get old. Isn’t it? Similarly the excellent Mario game, Mario Kart is a great game to play now. It has easy controls and simple objectives. Hop into your cart and race to the finish line to win. There is a wide range of Mario characters available in the game against whom you need to compete. A very fun game to play, especially if you have kids around and spend the day in enjoyment.

Sky: Children of the Light –

this brand new game has become popular really quick. The visual appeal and aesthetics of the game is the main attraction. You simply can’t get enough of the beauty of the game design and concept. It is awarded with the iPhone Game of the Year 2019. Uncover mysteries with many in-game companions and it supports upto a maximum of 8 players online. The brilliant visuals and sound effects will keep you going. It is available for iOS devices only for time being.

AFK Arena –

role-playing games have become very popular in the world. AFK Arena is one of the top games from this genre of gaming. A RPG-style card game, the AFK Arena features more than 200 unique heroes, six different professions to choose from and hundreds of gaming skills that you need to unlock. The exquisite graphics and gaming style, will want you collect all the available heroes in the game. Uncover secret treasures in the map and find out magical discoveries that are waiting.


it goes without saying that, PUBG is right now one of the most trending games in the entire world. With more than 200 million players worldwide, the game quickly became a global sensation around the globe. Team up with your friends in a squad of 4 and fight the battle against 24 other squads in a map of your choice. There are 4 different kinds of maps, each representing a particular terrain, select different weapons, use real-life tactics and win the Chicken Dinner. This game will surely keep you engaged through the entire day.

So, these are the best games you can play in your free time during the quarantine. All the games are really fun and offer a great deal of excitement to the gamers. Let us know which game you played and how much did you enjoy.