Can CBD Oil Provide Relief For Arthritis Patients?

Pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints are some symptoms that arthritis patients suffer from. As the condition progresses, it can become difficult to perform simple tasks such as sitting, getting up and moving around. There is a range of arthritis medication to help with the pain. But according to the patients’ experiences, the medicines seldom eliminate the pain. At best, the medicines can help control the condition from progressing quickly.

So, for arthritis patients looking for alternative ways to deal with the pain, what are the options.

CBD Oil – A popular alternative

Most people who have arthritis would have considered or at least heard about CBD oil UK‘s benefits for arthritis. The question is, does it help?

CBD oil has been tested on animals. The results showed that the oil was effective in reducing pain and inflammation. However, there have been no proper trials on humans yet.

Researchers explain that when CBD oil enters the bloodstream, it blocks the receptors that cause pain and inflammation. They speculate that this could be the possible reason for the oil’s effectiveness in pain management.

Are there any risks?

Before proceeding with CBD oil usage, one must know about the risks involved. It is indeed true that research has proven CBD oil to be useful for arthritis.

However, one must be aware that it is a highly unregulated market. Neither the FDA nor any medical association oversees the manufacturing and sales of CBD oils. Thus, there is no way for consumers to know about the purity levels of the oil. The cleanliness of the manufacturing units also remains unknown.

Thus, one must always make sure to buy CBD oils that carry the GMP seal. It is a sign that the company has adhered to good manufacturing practices.

Another risk is that one cannot expect the oil to work the same way it did for other patients. There are several types of arthritis, and CBD oil works differently on different bodies. Thus, there is some amount of uncertainty regarding the benefits.

The legal aspect

The source of CBD oil is the hemp plant. It also happens to be the source of marijuana. Due to the popular usage of CBD as a recreational drug, it is not legal in some regions. In regions where it is legal for medical use, the oil must contain less than 0.3% THC – the compound responsible for inducing a high.

Tips to start using CBD oil for arthritis

People who are ready to try alternative treatments can start using CBD oil. But they have to make sure to consult their healthcare provider.

Given the risks involved in CBD usage, it is better to discuss with a doctor if it is safe. The websites that sell CBD oil may claim to solve a host of conditions and even talk about recommended dosage. But one must be aware that nothing is a substitute for medical advice. Only a doctor can help decide the safe dosage level.