Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans

The charming goofiness and clever wit of Jason Lee has made him wildly popular with fans of the the NBC hit comedy,”My Name Is Earl.” On “My Name Is Earl,” Jason Lee portrays Earl Hickey, an average Joe who hits the lottery but then is immediately besieged by bad luck and tragedy. Earl becomes convinced that karma is to blame and sets forth to right all the wrongs from his past. A unique and clever concept, “My Name Is Earl” has garnered millions of viewers in large part to the comedy and likability of the series star, Jason Lee. A professional skateboarder turned actor, Jason Lee is no overnight success. He has been working toward his current level of success for many years. If you have a Jason Lee fan on your Christmas list year, consider one of these great gifts to make their day.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans #1:

“Underdog” DVD. This charming movie based on the popular cartoon from the 1960’s will be released on DVD on December 18, 2007. Jason Lee provides the voice of the superhero dog who flies through the air on the lookout for situations that need his help. What better gift idea for Jason Lee fans than a movie where the main character is voiced completely by their favorite actor?

Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans #2:

“My Name Is Earl- The Complete First Season On DVD.” This four disc DVD set contains over five hundred minutes of “My Name Is Earl.” The first season of the hit comedy introduced us to the characters of Earl, his lovable but dimwitted brother Randy, his ex wife Joy and her new husband, Darnell, better known as Crabman. Besides Jason Lee, “My Name Is Earl,” is filled with acting talents such as Ethan Suplee and Jaime Pressley as Randy and Joy. With guest stars such as Brett Butler, Juliette Lewis and Jon Favreau, the first season of “My Name Is Earl” is a must have for Jason Lee fans. During the long and cold nights of winter after the Christmas holiday, your gift recipient can enjoy the comedy of “My Name Is Earl” at their leisure. It is indeed considered as a best Cadeau jongens 5 jaar which you can purchase from The first season on DVD has been highly appreciated by a lot of children. Hence, if you want to make the recipient happy, this gift might be the best deal.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans #3:

“Mallrats” DVD. In 1995, Jason Lee appeared in the great Kevin Smith comedy, “Mallrats.” Also starring Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Shannon Doherty, Jason Lee plays the main character in the film who realizes he is a slacker and tries to win back his girlfriend, played by Shannon Doherty. Jason Lee fans will enjoy seeing their favorite actor from way back when in a role completely different than Earl Hickey.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans #4:

“My Name Is Earl Season Two” DVD. Present your Jason Lee fan with the second part of the “My Name Is Earl” DVD collection. Contained on four discs with guest stars such as Christian Slater, Kathy Kinney and Roseanne Barr, the second season of “My Name Is Earl,” continues the story of Earl’s quest to contact people from the past he affected negatively in life and trying to make good. Your Jason Lee fan will love adding this DVD collection to their DVD library.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans #5:

“Chasing Amy” DVD. Part of Kevin Smith’s “New Jersey Trilogy,” “Chasing Amy” stars Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Jason Lee as “Banky.” Ben Affleck’s character falls in love with a girl who previously had only been romantically interested in women. Jason Lee plays Ben Affleck’s best friend who tries to convince him that his efforts to capture the heart of this girl are fruitless. Jason Lee gives a hilarious performance that makes this film a real gem.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Jason Lee Fans #6:

“Clerks II” DVD. Fans of Kevin Smith’s original “Clerks” were thrilled when he released a sequel albeit more than a decade later. “Clerks II” continues the story of Dante and Randal whose friendship has survived and thrived through the many years of working dead end jobs and continuing their slacker lifestyle. With a terrific list of cameo appearances of the many actors who are familiar to Kevin Smith fans, Jason Lee has a small but entertaining appearance in the film.

Jason Lee has captured the attentions of millions of television viewers with his starring role in “My Name Is Earl.” This talented and quirky actor has also enjoyed a long and varied film career. Treat your Jason Lee fan to one of these DVD gifts to make their Christmas a little bit happier and a whole lot funnier.