Crash Fat Loss Program Can Crash Your Body System

Most people wanting to lose Fat have two primary reasons for doing so. One is to look slimmer and better; the second is to keep themselves healthy. It is always better to have a long-term Fat loss program that runs over several months and years. Short-duration programs may help you lose Fat, but the results are also short-lived.

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Instant, not fast reduction…

It is a simple process that fat gets reduced where calories consumed are less that calories spent. This is the principle of instant reduction programs. Here, it is important to know that in addition to the burning up of fat, the low energy input will cause muscle loss too. It is scientifically proven that you cannot lose more than 2 pounds a week and if you do, you are losing your muscle.

The rate of metabolism is slowed down by crash diets. As there is no sufficient food intake, the body will re-draw its metabolic functionality and adopts the starvation strategy. The system starts conserving energy. When this happens, the burning of fat reduces. The end result of crash programs is you will not only fail in reducing your Fat, in a sense you are also upsetting your body’s essential functionality.

As if this is not enough, you would have lost quite some muscle because of your crash method. The basic truth is muscles burn calories. So, more muscles means more calories burned. Crash courses are, therefore, cause double jeopardy. They crash body’s vital functionality, not your Fat.

You may have seen many people who lose Fat via a crash course, only to regain more than what they have lost, very soon. The wisest way to Fat loss is to adopt a regular health sustaining exercise program rather than quick Fat loss programs that are counter-productive.

Remember, moderate and sustainable levels of calories intake will have to be achieved gradually. This demands disciplined lifestyle. This will maintain and strengthen your muscle tissues. This approach will burn only fat and give you a healthy and good looking body.