Creating Your Dating Bucket List – Know about the things

Dating is a period in your life that comes and goes. Unless your last name is Clooney, rarely do people get to date their whole life through. The idea is to go out and have your fun, and when you are ready to settle down, know that you have no regrets for the way you handled your single days. If you want to do dating right, you need to aim for the stars and make the most of it. That’s why if you’re going to date you need to create your dating bucket list. It should be a list of all the things you want to do in the dating world, and all the people you’d like to date. If you’re not sure how it goes, here’s a how to guide to creating your dating bucket list.

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Be Bold

The bucket list isn’t about trying to get a date with a blonde or a guy who’s funny. Those things should be easy to do. A bucket list is about doing things that will create a long lasting memory for you. Think about dating someone who looks, or acts, like a character from your favorite TV show and go out with them just because of that. Don’t be afraid to make your bucket list bold. That’s the point.

Make Them Achievable

While it’s admirable to set your sights high, wanting to date the entire cast of Friends is certainly asking a lot. Don’t give yourself goals on your bucket list that even the most driven people couldn’t pull off. Instead aim high, but only so high, achievable goals are key. Try dating “any celebrity” instead of THE celebrity. You’ll find yourself in a much better position to cross it off the list.

Be Fun

It’s not enough to just pick and weird and random goals. A bucket list is your chance to date whoever you want. Even if they aren’t marriage material, you can still have fun getting to know them and seeing where it goes. So, pick the kind of people you want to date, would love to try and date, and even those you have never thought of dating. Perhaps you want to date someone with an odd or unusual job, or maybe you want to date someone who has an extensive stamp collection; whatever the motivation is, just make it fun for you.

Take a Bad Date

Part of a memorable experience is having a bad date. Instead of searching for the perfect date and risking getting stuck on a bad date, why not try aiming for a bad date? Find the type of person you’d never want to go on a date with, and then put that type of person on your list. Then you’ll either have the horrid date you thought you’d have, or you’ll be surprised at how much fun you really had.

Don’t worry at all about marking everything off your bucket list. All you have to do is create a list and follow it any time you can. You’ll find that there is a great world of dating waiting for you.