Different types of laptop bags to complement your style

Laptop bags are available in a myriad of styles and designs. Moreover, they are also available in different materials. People are getting more and more conscious about their personal style and attitude. Keeping this in mind, these bags have been designed to suit individual requirements and personalities. Several factors need to be kept in mind when choosing a laptop bag.

  • Usefulness
  • Appearance
  • Price
  • Durability (How much weight can the bag carry)
  • Material
  • Number of compartments/pockets

Be it for business tours or daily office purposes, it’s important to choose a piece that will serve your purpose as well as complement your style. Listed below are some of the best styles available in the market and their benefits.


Backpacks are one of the best choices as they can carry laptops, phones, books, tablets, and other items. Their functional designs make them so popular among daily office goers and students. Some of the benefits of backpacks are:

  • Offers great protection to your laptop
  • Can be carried on your back hence you get the liberty to move freely
  • Balances out the laptop weight on both your shoulders so you don’t feel burdened
  • Have additional pockets to accommodate laptop accessories.

Sling bags

These bags are available with extra cushions in laptop compartments to ensure the highest level of protection for your gadget. This is an amazing choice for people who work in co-working spaces or cafes.

  • Helps you keep a good check on your laptop
  • The position can be adjusted so that the laptop can fall on one side or the front.

Laptop messenger bags

This is one of the fashionable office accessories and is considered the best choice for traveling purposes. It’s a primary choice for the corporate workers because of their functional and appealing aesthetics. It has a rectangular shape with two handlebars and zipped pockets.

  • Elegant and classy aesthetics
  • Can be chosen from various designs
  • Offers protection to your laptop
  • Leather finish complements well with the corporate look

Tote laptop bags

These laptop bag styles are mainly used by women and are available in several materials. These bags have one large compartment to keep your laptops and may contain one small pocket to keep the other things. These bags are best for small-sized or thinner laptops. It’s trendy, classic, and gives a professional look.

  • Complements well with formal outfits
  • Perfect for small or sleek designed laptops or notebooks.

Apart from the above mentioned styles, you can also check out the other designs like wheeled laptop bags and sleeve bags on cxsbags.com. Check out the pros and cons of each of the styles and pick the one that you feel is perfect for your personality and requirements. As far as the material is concerned, leather is the best option because they are durable and have a longer lifespan as compared to the others.