Fat Loss Goals And Why They Dont Work

Losing Fat can be a real challenge. In fact, it’s a challenge that most of us have to face at some point in life. Unfortunately for many, losing Fat is something that remains illusive and the desire to look good and feel great remains out of reach for far too many people. With an ever increasing Fat problem in our society this is something we are going to have to tackle with a renewed vigor.

One of the very first things that most Fat loss programs such as agebye compel you to do is to set a goal. Goals are great and they do have a place in life. The problem however is that most people set the wrong goals and then instead of supporting them the goals start working against them.

We all have Fat loss goals. For some its 10 pounds while for others it is 50 pounds. Regardless of what you end goal is, losing Fat starts with losing 1 pound. If you can lose 1 you can lose 100.

This simple little fact is what’ often overlooked when setting goals for Fat loss. If you set a goal, 2 things can go wrong:

1. You set a goal that is too high.

When your goal is too high you will always have that bit of doubt in the back of your mind. When you believe its out of your reach, then you will remain true to your belief. It can also make your Fat loss efforts seem like a too big a mountain to climb and you will probably give up way to soon because of it.

2. You set a goal that is too low.

Often out of fear of failure people set goals that are too easy to reach. This only allows you to remain in your comfort zone and never take the dramatic steps necessary to lose the Fat. A goal needs to be inspiring and needs to be grand enough to move you to action.

As we just saw, goals can work both ways. The important thing to note is that goals are there to move you to action. Whether its too big or too small, if it does not move you to action then it does not serve its purpose. The “right” goal is different for ever person. You and only you will now what the right goal is for you. By al means set goals, but keep it real.