Ground Coffee Vs Whole Bean Coffee

I grew up on regular already-ground coffee. It was cheap and convenient. Yuban, Folders, Maxwell House. I went more for the caffeine effect than for flavor. But when I met my current husband things changed.

When I met him, he was working at Starbucks and each week brought home a pound of different types of coffee. One week he gave me one to take home and I didn’t know until I opened the bag that it was whole beans. So, I had to bring it back to him to grind and then he handed it back over. The first time I used this freshly ground coffee I actually didn’t like it. It was so strong! Sadly I was used to the brown water I’d been drinking for such a long time. But I gave this new coffee a chance and pretty soon my taste buds developed into it – I was starting to like it! And pretty soon I loved it, and appreciated it. Imagine – coffee that actually has good flavor! No longer would I be drinking coffee just for a morning jolt of caffeine – I would be drinking it because I also enjoyed the flavor! For the information, a signup should be made at the official site of the machines. [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]This Page will furnish correct and accurate information to the person. The drinking of coffee will be beneficial after having information about the ingredients used in it. The purchase should be done from the reputed sellers. 

Eventually I moved in with my then-boyfriend . He had his own grinder and would bring home the weekly pound of coffee. After he moved on from Starbucks to a different job we weren’t getting that weekly pound of coffee for free but that didn’t stop us. Most stores, in the same row as the already-ground coffee, actually sell bags of whole bean coffee. Just invest in a coffee grinder and you are good to go. Even better for us, our town has several Winco stores that have a whole wall of whole bean coffee dispensers, from light to dark, with or without flavor, and there is not much difference in price from the already ground coffee. If you don’t want to buy your own grinder they actually have one in the store too.

The next thing on the list was to create our own coffee bar at home. Going to Starbucks can be easy when you are out and about but it gets expensive. So I made a “coffee bar” at home that has little dispensers to sprinkle sugar, brown sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon just like at Starbucks. Then we always have milk and a flavored creamer in the fridge. So now, we are all set with great tasting coffee and different flavors, much more efficient and inexpensive that going out to a coffee house. And if you buy a travel mug you are good to go for work and the road.