Guide to Hip Pain Home Remedies

Hip pain is a common ailment. The causes for pain in the hip has many numerous origins. To find the proper treatments for the hip pain until you know the root of the actual problems. A doctor cannot give a treatment plan without first diagnosing the reason behind the pain and discomfort. Home remedies have been around for generations.

Ancestors from our past created remedies with things they had on hand. This natural remedies have treated hundreds of ailments throughout the generations. Nature has powerful ingredients that are not commonly known by society. Each pain of the hip is rooted by specific ailments or caused by more than one origin. Let’s first discuss the origins, to get a better understanding of the treatments that are available. What are some of the common roots to hip pain?

SNAPPING HIP SYNDROME isn’t a very common ailment. The root to this hip syndrome is a “snapping” sensation in the hip area. A hip labral tear, iliotibial band snap or a iliopsoas tendon snap is the leading causes of this unusual syndrome.

HIP FRACTURE is more common among the elderly. But this doesn’t mean no young person can suffer from a broken hip. This is why it is important to do exercises for your hip flexors. This will help develop the muscles and make them strong. Hip fracture is common for those who are always doing exercises and those who are performing heavy tasks. 

DISLOCATION isn’t a very common injury but it can occur to anyone. A dislocated hip is a serious injury, and can lead to critical complications.

These are three common or not so uncommon injuries which lead to pain in the hip. What most don’t realize is hip pain isn’t always from the hip. There could be other medical issues such as problems with the back, thigh, or even a leg condition. The home remedies mentioned in this article not only will help ease the hip pain and various other medical conditions. What are the home remedies for hip pain?

REST is the most reliable treatment for any type of ailment. The injury to the hip or surrounding area cannot handle any more stress or pressure. The best home remedy is to allow the hip and body rest. The healing process needs to take place and resting will help speed up the process. The resting may require to stay off the hip/leg completely.

ICE is often the most recommended remedy for any type of pain. The coldness of the ice helps to relieve the swelling and pain associated with an injury or syndrome to the hip. Ice aids the injury by numbing the pain. When icing an injury, apply the ice in a wrap or towel directly onto the skin for about twenty to thirty minutes.

ELEVATION is similar to resting but is quite different. Not only does elevation help to reduce swelling and help with the healing process. The propping of the leg, helps blood in the area to flow freely instead of collecting into one spot. Elevation should occur for about the same amount of time as if you were icing the injury.

HEAT is another great source of treatment for treating any type of pain, especially for the hip area. A heating pad can be used to soothe the stiffness, swelling and pain associated with the injury itself. Heat should be applied generously to the area. Do not use heat right away, wait until the swelling has gone done a bit.

EXERCISE eases the pain and stiffness associated with any type of hip pain. With any discomfort or pain, exercise shouldn’t be rushed into. Light exercise should be taken into consideration when soothing discomfort. An exercise routine should be approved by a physician first. You wouldn’t want to cause your body more injury and discomfort than needed be.

Each home remedy helps not only hip pain but several other discomforts of the body. A home remedy isn’t necessary a cure but it treats various common ailments of the human body. Remedies have been handed down from generation to generation. If you or a family member or even a friend is suffering from hip pain, give these home remedies a try and see just how well these will help your pain and discomfort.