Halo Triton Tank Style E-Cigarette Review

Halo is a relatively new name for me but despite this, I was actually really excited to give it a go. Available in a range of colors and in a box set that actually looks pretty smart along with that you also have the option to buy vape liquid online as well, I was surprised to have not heard about them before… Let’s find out if they smoke as well as they look:

This was the first time I had ever used any of Halo e-cigarette products but the first impressions were great. The website is simple and smart – you really think you’re getting some good technology here. I decided to start with the Triton Tank kit in Midnight Blue. I’m a big fan of blue but there are a number of other colors to enjoy too including:

I’ll be honest… It took every ounce of my self-control not to get the Princess Pink but then I thought the guys might be put off by it!

It’s not a bad price, especially when you look at how much stuff you’re getting. Two tanks, two batteries, a USB charger, a cone (for making it adaptable with the small G6 cartridges), and a wall charger. When you look at most other kits out there, you generally only get one battery and it’s normally in the range of about $50-$75, so for value for money and the stuff that you get, the Triton Starter Kit isn’t a bad deal at all. Plus you get free shipping when you spend over $75 so by the time you’ve added on a bottle of e-liquid, you’re pretty much ready to go without the need to add on extra, costlier accessories!

You can choose between 400mah and 650mah batteries although I’d always suggest going with the higher option. I shall get to the batteries in a moment.

You don’t get the e-liquid included in your first order. Don’t assume that you will get some with it…. You won’t.

I went with two of the 650mah batteries and I’ll be honest, I was super impressed by them. Straight out of the box they lasted me from around 5 pm until I went to bed at 11 pm approximately. I left it to charge overnight with the handy little USB charger (another positive point) and resumed using it again when I woke up the next morning.

Starting at 7 am, I used the battery regularly throughout the day (although not chain-puffing) and I was still using it when I finished work at 4 pm. This battery has some serious staying power although I did notice a dramatic drop in throat hit and vapor from the battery for around two hours before the battery actually died. It’s almost as if it was trying to preserve every ounce of energy for those emergency puffs!

The battery itself feels really nice. Just 8cm long (pre-atomizer), it’s a good solid design that’s smooth to touch and with a really nice almost matte finish. The button is easy to find with your fingers, and there’s no over-powering light when you use it. The button itself on my blue battery lit up blue… I would imagine that each battery color would have its own color light?

You can buy smaller and bigger batteries too. With 400, 650, 900, and 1300mah batteries ranging from $15.99 for the smallest battery to $19.99 for the largest ones, it won’t break the bank to buy spares and replacements for this personal vaporizer.

I really like these clear cartomizers and unlike some of the other brands I’ve tried over the years, these ones do not feel cheap. They feel very well built. In fact, I’ve dropped my Triton Tank a handful of times already (I’m really clumsy) and the thing is as solid as a rock. It’s a decent-sized tank and with the 24mg e-liquid, is strong enough to satisfy my cravings, and provides a really good amount of vapor too

The cartomizer itself is only about 7.5cm long, and when the whole thing is screwed together, the battery and the cartomizer is 14cm long. It’s not quite as big as the VaporFi Pro or the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3, and generally, I think it’s a much nicer e-cig too. It fits nicely in the hand and it’s smooth to touch… hence how come I’ve dropped it a couple of times!

The clear tank makes it easy to see how much liquid is left in the tank and if you’re out of e-liquid completely but happen to have a few of the Halo G6 cartridges to hand, the handy little cone that comes included with the kit makes it’s adaptable enough to work with the cartridges too. You can even get smaller tank-style cartridges for the G6 and, as you may have guessed, these also work with the Triton battery. It just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

I really did like thesmoking experience I had with the Halo Triton tank. The vapor is plentiful so it’s not the most discreet of personal vaporizers, but it does give you a really satisfying smoke. I actually convinced one of my friends to switch from the South Beach Smoke Storm e-cigarette to this one, and he’s been an avid fan of SBS for years!

The throat hit will depend a lot on the e-liquid that you use with the tank but I’ve tried a few 24mg liquids that Halo has to offer and I’ve really enjoyed all of them. One of my particular favorites is the Belgian Cocoa liquid… It’s like smoking the nicest hot chocolate!!

One of the most important things about e-cigarettes is the liquid you use with them and I was quite impressed by the stuff I ordered. As I’ve mentioned, the Belgian Cocoa stuff is going down rather nicely, and I also ordered a large 30ml bottle of Torque56 too – this is a tobacco flavor and one that I found to be pretty close to smoking an actual cigarette.

I also tried a large bottle of the Tribeca 24mg stuff, but I found it to be too gruff and it kept making me cough. This is one that would probably be better suited to heavier smokers than me. Plus it’s a really toxic yellow color and that really puts me off…

You can get liquids from Halo in a number of strengths and flavors, and I’ll discuss this in more detail in the coming review! Keep your eyes peeled!

A 7ml bottle will set you back around $6, and a 30ml bottle is just under $20. To be honest, it’s not a bad price.

Firstly there’s the free shipping over $75. The starter kits plus e-liquid will help you make this up so you might as well get everything you need all in one go. You also have the pleasure of smoking American made liquid and none of that Chinese crap that all your friends are smoking. I know it sounds like a total cliche but you really do get what you pay for. This e-liquid might be on the slightly higher end of the e-liquid scale, but it smokes really well and has a really good flavor to it. You can find out more in the e-liquid review of Halo e-liquids that’s coming soon!

There’s the loyalty points chime which was fairly impressive too. You’ll earn 100 points for every $20 that you spend on their e-liquid, for example, and for the hardware such as batteries, you’ll earn 75 points for every $20 spent. You can also earn points by posting about their products on your social networking pages (15 points) and if you refer a friend to them, you’ll get 250 points. If you fancy writing a little review of a product you’ve used, you’ll bag yourself an extra 15 points here too.

You can redeem your points on bottles of e-liquid. A 30ml bottle will come free for just 1,000 points. It’s actually not a bad loyalty scheme at all!

What Makes Halo Triton The Best Personal Vaporizers?

Actually, I really did like the Halo Triton tank. In fact, I would go as far as to say they are one of the best brands of e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers that I’ve used in a while. The smoke was impressive with just the right amount of throat hit, and the vapor was enough to give me a really satisfying experience. With flavors such as the delicious and mouth-watering Belgian Cocoa, I was always impressed with the liquids and other products I tried. The battery lived up to the high standards I had set and I found it hard to find something I wasn’t happy with.

Actually, I’m going to have to give Halo Triton Tank 5 stars out of 5! There was nothing I didn’t like about the e-cigarette and I really enjoyed using it. In fact, I have now made this my new regular e-cig, made all the easier with the interchangeable G6 one too!