Hemorrhoids Go Away Surgery Things Must Know

There are two types of surgery, internal and external, that are sometimes described into I to IV grades of severity. Based on its grade, there are several types of treatment that can be taken. The treatments can be simply done at home to relieve the pain. When home treatments do not work, someone suffering from hemorrhoids can take medical treatments. If the hemorrhoids persist and the severity grade becomes stronger, III or IV, surgery can be taken. Before taking the surgery, some sufferers commonly ask “do hemorrhoids go away after surgery?”

Why Someone Takes Hemorrhoid Surgery

There are also several reasons why someone with hemorrhoids is recommended to take surgery. In addition to having severe hemorrhoids, these factors may lead to surgery. First, when the hemorrhoids become very large, they require surgery. Then, if someone already takes nonsurgical treatment but the internal hemorrhoid symptoms still occur, surgery may be a good solution. When the external hemorrhoids have a large size and cause some discomfort and make it difficult to clean the anal area, they should be also removed by doing surgery. Last, when the other treatments have been done but failed, taking surgery is a good idea. Do hemorrhoids go away after surgery? Just take and proof it!

How Surgery Works

Everyone wants a clear “Yes, they do” answer for this “do hemorrhoids go away after surgery?” question. But in fact, hemorrhoids can come again. By doing surgery, how long does it take for hemorrhoids to go away? It is actually only a short time. Right after the surgery, you will have the hemorrhoids removed. This is the reason why many people with hemorrhoids decide to take surgery than to take other treatments.

Surgery Risks

Do hemorrhoids go away after surgery and will it cause any risk? Many do not realize the risks of surgery. The more important thing about fat burners and thermogenics than knowing whether or not it goes away is by knowing the common risks of surgery, such as bleeding, inability to urinate and pain. There are also some rear risks, such as hematoma (blood collection in surgical area), incontinence (being unable to control bladder or bowel), fecal impaction (trapped stool in anal canal), infection, and bleeding from anal area.

The above problems are the early problems that the patients find after the surgery. There are also some other problems that come late. One may say “yes” for do hemorrhoids go away after surgery, but when these problems come, they will have some other things to do. They have a risk to anal canal narrowing, recurrence of the hemorrhoids, abnormal passage or called fistula, and rectal prolapse.

Do Hemorrhoids Ever Go Away? Fact Says

Although it can simply say “yes” for do hemorrhoids go away after surgery, there is no guarantee that hemorrhoids will not come again after surgery. Do external hemorrhoids go away is yes, but we should also realize that approx. 5 from 100 patients with hemorrhoids have recrudescent of hemorrhoids after surgery. The long-term success of this surgery will depend on the bowel habits and some prevention to recurrence hemorrhoids.

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