How Far Do Stimulants Work For CFS?

Do all diseases have a cure? No, there are still many disorders and ailments that even don’t have a solid reason for providing accurate treatment. Among the lot, CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome is one such, that hinders the person do the daily activities. The fatigue has no specific reason, but the ailing person doesn’t have the energy and motivation to do any job. Lately, several case studies and researches have been progressing to figure out the real cause and cure.

How Can CFS Be Helped?

Extreme fatigue fogs the brain, and it loses the capability of forming quick decisions and response. The mental and physical health seems deranged from each other. Doctors prescribe the medicine depending on the degree of the relevant symptoms.

  • Sleeping Pills

Taking rest is the foremost option to beat fatigue. When suffering from mental issues, insomnia is a common symptom that might drain the body’s resources more. Sleeping pills like antihistamine work for longer hours without any prominent side effects.

  • Medication For Brain Stimulation

The foggy brain can lead to anxiety and stressful physical reactions. Patients often find themselves responding vaguely with unsteadiness. Antidepressants and pain relief medicines are common to help the body stand against the disorder.

  • Stimulants

One of the effect medicines working directly on the central nervous system are stimulants. They manipulate the brain signals and help cope with disordered mental functioning. They are also used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. But they are highly effective, and many general users often suffer drug abuse. Therefore, the stimulants like natural Adderall or cocaine are the major types strictly advised to be used under doctor’s prescription.

  • Energy Supplements:

 As the body isn’t coping with the mental signals and remains weak to get up and work, energy boosters must muster enough strength. Omega3 fatty acids and magnesium-rich diet and products help rejuvenate the body.

How Do Stimulants React?

Among the varied treatments possible, stimulants were the quickest and effective medicines.

  • They prominently act to quicken communication to the brain by increasing dopamine levels. They are available in different forms as cocaine, nicotine or prescribed drugs like Adderall and MDMA. The pills are generally consumed orally.
  • Compounds like cocaine and Adderall can increase the heart rate due to extensive blood flow. It might lead to rupture of heart walls and force it to exert more pressure. Prolonged use of stimulants often led to heart attacks and failures.
  • As the assimilation process is highly disturbed due to brain manipulation, the digestive system also disrupts. As a result, users lose their appetite and feel changes in mood and food choices. As a result, many fall prey to extreme weight loss, which isn’t a favourable condition for CFS.
  • The compounds are highly addictive, and the brain gets used to their influence. Nicotine or high cocaine levels can bring out hallucinations and a euphoric state to the mind. It may lead to drug abuse and several mental issues like depression and chronic anxiety.

Alternately, patients can take care of themselves in a social way. For example, they can spend in leisure physical activities and relaxation sessions like acupuncture. Social and behavioural clubs also help a lot to connect to society and become active.