How I Cured My Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, you should visit this page, I’d like to present some equipment that you might consider as viable solutions in the quest to alleviate or cure lower back pain. Therefore, in all fairness, I would like to present what had actually worked for me.

After doing my initial research, I realized that the most effective technique or mode of gravity inversion therapy was to have no object that would offer resistance to having my back stretched and decompressed. Since I was determined to not let the fear of being upside down and the feeling of vertigo get in my way, I opted not to go the gradual way of going upside down using a gravity inversion bed or gravity inversion table.

To use the combined weight of my head and upper body, the best way would be to go upside immediately. I purchased a Teeter EZ-Up™ Inversion & Chin-Up System that included:

A pair of inversion boots (ankle braces) A pair of connected removable horizontal bars: the main bar and a lower angled grip bar A pair of brackets to screw on to the door that the horizontal bars can snap on to.

At that time, I was still single and living in my parents’ house. Securing permission to drill the brackets to my bedroom door was not a problem. If you do not own your own home and you cannot secure permission to drill holes on any of your doorways, you should consider just purchasing the pair of inversion boots and scouting your neighborhood for a public park with a jungle gym with horizontal bar whose height should be at least six inches higher than your height. Otherwise, any lower and you risk a serious concussion.

Note: The double bar system does make mounting and dismounting easy. However, if you’re in a situation where there is no second lower bar for gripping, you can still use the curved hand grip (As circled below) on the inversion boot itself as a grip for dismounting.