How To Build Muscle Fast With Quick Results

The one thing most people want to know is the secrets to building a stronger and leaner looking body fast without over pushing themselves. This is something that has really been a strong topic for so long. This can be achieved without the needs of working out so many hours a day. You will still need to work out of course, but you wont need to be working out 2 or 3 crazy hours like most huge bulked body builders. The tips I will outline might seem simple but they work. I am going to show you three tips you can use that will help maximize your results.

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1. Eat More Food: No I am not asking you to eat like a pig. But you need to eat more to grow more muscles. Stop the calorie counting and eat more good food. Simple changes like this can make a big difference. Instead of cooking your meat in vegetable oil, cook it in coconut oil or virgin olive oil. Instead of snacking on candy and chips, snack on nuts and fruits. Remember each meal should contain protein which is your meat, vegetables like corn, beans, green peppers, tomatoes, or a mixed salad. And you can’t forget your carbohydrates such as brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes, or regular potatoes. These three components make up a great meal to gain muscle weight. And after your workout, a tip I share with most people is to use almond milk or whole milk and blend with strawberries, mango, and avocado. This mixture will replenish the body after a hard workout and it tastes great.

2. Exercise of Quality not Quantity: Their is this misconception that its all about the quantity. And that is true to an extent. Yes, doing more lifts will increase your results. But sometimes lifting so much can make you so sore that you wont be able to workout for another 4 days. This can throw off your workout schedule. Its important to lift weights in a proper manner where you can work out the next day. Yeah you will still feel sore but it wont be so bad till you can’t workout for a another few days. When you lift weights, do it in smaller reps and more weights in those smaller reps. So a good rep is 2 sets of 12. And if your doing bicep curls, triceps extensions, or squats then you can lift from 40lbs to 100lbs depending on your strength and starting level. You want to the weights to be enough so when you get near your last rep in your set, you feel like your muscles are quitting on you. That means you pushed yourself to a stronger point. And the results will show off much more quicker then you think.

3. It’s better to have a home gym set: This is better for most bodybuilders. Its best to have your own training room. You eliminate distractions, extra noise you don’t want, waiting in line, and smells you may not enjoy. Gym memberships are really a last resort when you don’t have a home gym. Its easy to create a home gym. Because it makes your schedule that much more easy to follow. Their are many places you can find a small gym machine that can cover just about all your exercise needs. Even your Local Walmart or Sports store should have the equipment you need to build lean muscle mass fast.

Another tip I will share with you as a bonus. Try to avoid cardio exercise. I know it seems like a contradiction but its for the best results. If you do cardio a lot then you risk using most of your extra calories to be burnt out in cardio instead of being used to form muscles. Its ok to warm up for 10 minutes with cardio but it should not go past that level. The less cardio and the more lifting you do, is for the better.

After reading this, you shouldn’t still be asking how to build muscle fast, just follow and do it. Eat right but eat more. No need to count calories. Break your meals into 4 times a day instead of two or three. Let on meal spot be used for a snack. Handful of nuts work best. Don’t count the after workout shake, that’s just to replenish your body. Try to avoid as much sugar as possible. And you will see the results much sooner then you think.