How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If your reading this article then chances are, like me, you have alot of trouble dieting. Want to know why? Dieting sucks. There, I said it. You have to worry about counting calories, carbs, serving sizes and all kinds of other things so much you feel like your drowning. Then there are the diet pills, oh, they will make you lose weight, all right, but at the cots of your wallet and your health. Those things are terrible, they cause heart palpitations, jitters, severe headaches and can even lead to kidney failure! With so many financial and physical side effects they really just aren’t worth taking at all.

Wondering how to lose weight then? Here’s the secret, are you ready? DON’T DIET. Thats right, I have your attention now huh? While dieting can make you lose a little weight. Its only water weight, its temporary and more often then not unhealthy. So if you really want to slim down do not under any circumstances diet.

So what should you do? It’s simple: use your brain. After trying countless diets and diet pills, I finally started using my brain. Here are a few of the ways that I lost weight without dieting and without squeezing the life out of my purse.

1). Don’t think about losing weight. The first thing that I realized is that when you stop worrying about your weight and start worrying about your health, you’ll lose weight alot easier. For example, my little revelation came watching the discovery health channel and seeing what body fat actually looks like. However, it may be different for you. Are you asthmatic, diabetic, or do you have high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, or how about gout and vision problems?

The health issues above and many, many more are directly related to what kind of care we give our bodies. They need healthy things like vitamins, minerals and lots of water. If we are constantly stuffing it with foods low in essentials our bodies cannot function properly and will shut down a lot sooner. The best way to lose weight is to think about all the health benefits its has and how many problems could go away because of it. You are your biggest obstacle in losing weight. Its all about how you view it mentally.

2). Eat right. Forget calories and carbs. Start concentrating on nutrition and taste. Healthy eating is not necessarily tasteless eating. Its all about the foods you choose, how you prepare them, and how much you eat. For instance, how does grilled salmon, steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato sound? How about a grilled chicken, sauteed vegetables, and wild rice or how about strawberry sherbet with whipped cream on top? Sound good? Foods like those are easy to prepare and also healthier for you. In addition to your proper diet, you may also consider some supplements that help in losing weight. The good thing is that it also ahs anti-aging properties so you can get wide variety of benefits from it. One of the most reputable and reliable weight lose supplement is resurge.

Its all about just providing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs and eating smarter. You don’t have to give up all the foods that you love, an occasional binge is fine. Just try to eat good food prepared in a healthy manner (grilled, baked, steamed). Whole fruits and veggies along with meats such as chicken, beef and fish should all become a part of your eating habit. Its also a good idea to moderate how much starches that you eat. You don’t have to cut them out completely but be smart about it.

The same goes for junk foods and sugar drinks. They will pack the weight on quicker then anything else. So while you don’t have to cut them out completely, it is a good idea to limit them to once in awhile instead of everyday. I had a really hard time with this part so, I decided to cut them out altogether for about 3 weeks. That was what really jump started my weight loss. I lost 13 pounds in that three weeks, my skin cleared up, and I started breathing better. I now eat them on a rare occasion having come to actually prefer fruit and nuts to chips and candy. However, you can have them just limit how much you eat.

3). Get active. Exercise is my worst enemy. I hate to do it. I do not have the will power to get up and make myself do it. However, being active and exercising is not about running on a treadmill or strength training all the time. Those are all good things, but the average person has neither time, money nor energy to do it.

So whats the solution? Energize those activities that you do daily. Got chores to do, put some music on and dance to the beat. Forget about whether or not you can dance just have fun. Dance while vacuuming, ironing (as long as your careful) or doing dishes. Its all about getting that blood flowing. You need to get your heart pumping to burn off those calories. Doing things like dancing or running with your pet promotes good feeling chemicals in the brain its good for you both mentally and physically.

In conclusion, just thinking differently can really go along way to helping you lose weight. Eating smart tasty meals that are good for you and energizing those tasks which you do daily are great ways to lose that holiday weight or any extra poundage that you’d like to. Remember your biggest obstacle to losing weight is you. Its all about the choices that you make and how you mentally view them. So stay optimistic, forget dieting and enjoy how good foods prepared right can taste and make you feel.

*Note: You can get recipes for healthy eating from an unlimited number of sites online. Just use your search engine and look for healthy ways to prepare __________ ( your food here).