How to Use Different Grips and Hand Positions During Weight Training

Although many people do not enjoy reading information full of jargon, sometimes we need to learn important facts that in turn will produce the results we wish for. Do not underestimate the power of the information contained below.

Most people do not realize just how powerful a slight variation in your handgrip and hand position on the exercise bar can be, this variation of your hand placement can stimulate completely different areas of muscle concentration. Whether you choose a wide-grip or narrow grip, an overhand-grip or an underhand-grip, the area of muscle concentration will in some way be different. The enormous variety of exercise bar attachments available to us further enables us to attach many diversely shaped attachment bars to a pulley cable system. (If you are unaware of the large assortments of attachment bars available to you and how each works, take some time do so either on the internet or in the gym.)

You can perform exercise movements that are almost identical to one another, but the difference in exercise bars, hand placement, grip position and the mechanics of the body, will result in activating many different muscle groups. Just as you may not have been able to pull yourself up with the wide-grip pull-up exercise, you might also have difficulty doing a narrow grip pull-up. If you look at the differences between the wide-grip pull-up and the narrow grip pull-up, you will notice that the wide-grip pull-up utilizes a wide and overhand grip place-ment. The narrow-grip pull-up utilizes a narrow and underhand grip placement. Now take a moment and think about what muscles are primarily working when you perform a wide-grip pull-up or a wide-grip pull-down. Because of the overhand-grip you take with these particu-lar exercises, muscles such as the forearm muscles (extensor muscles), shoulder muscles (deltoids), and the back muscles (latissimus dorsi and erector spinae) will take a majority of the work efforts necessary to carryout these movements.

During the underhand narrow-grip pull-up because of your underhand grip placement, the biceps muscles take the majority role of prime muscles involved during exercise execution Although your focus should be to keep the biceps from becoming involved too much during this exercise and to instead concentrate on the stimulation of the back muscles, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to completely avoid the participation of the bicep muscles. The purchase of the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]best pre workout canada supplements should be done after checking the ratings and reviews. The muscular power of the person should be enhanced with the consumption of the products. Exercise is good for the health of the athletes, but along with it the diet of the person will be good. 

Whichever grip that you choose, it is important to correct the correct one for the muscle group, or specific muscles that you want work. If you follow the advice of this article, you will more often than not make the correct decision regarding grips as they relate to weight training.