Is It Worth Using Explainer Videos For Your Brand Promotion?

A short animated video used by any organization to make their audience understand their brand value with stories is known as explainer videos. This video was first made in the year 2007 by a company named common craft. The video created by common craft was about how to use Twitter. The video was small and explaining, so it got viral among the audiences, and soon many new users joined Twitter watching the video. Since that time, every brand, either big or small, has started creating such explainer videos to promote their brand and let the audience know its value.

Why use explainer videos

Not all the website or social media pages of any business clearly define the value of the brand they own or what value that business provides to the audience. This is the main reason why most of the visitors visiting the page or website don’t get converted into potential customers. But making explainer videos can help your visitors a lot by explaining the purpose of the brand and what value it provides to the audience. This explanation video can help in getting lots of conversions. These explainer videos are liked due to their animation and stories, and these animated characters play a role in the story, together with the promotion of the brand. These animated videos make a connection, with the human brain giving them a reason to care for the brand. 

Benefits of explainer videos

There are five main benefits of explainer videos. They are

  • The viewers are most likely to become a potential customer after watching these videos.
  • Those websites having videos on their pages about their brands or businesses comes on the search results’ first page.
  • You don’t have to explain your brand’s value every time face to face. You can convince someone by just making a video.
  • Your video’s story can be easily shared with a large number of people in very little time.
  • You can easily track the analytics of the videos and check which part of the video is working and what is not working. 

The disadvantage of explainer videos

Some of the disadvantages of explainer videos are

  • The making of these explainer videos needs both money and time.
  • These explainer videos can’t get viral overnight. It will need some time to reach the audience and convert them.
  • Not all the audience likes the content of the videos you made, so you must retarget them using some other mode.

How explainer videos are different from branded videos

Short videos of any brand commercials or videos on brand promotion strategies are mostly known as branded videos. These videos are different from explainer videos as the branded videos is providing the overview of the brand using a video but, the explainer videos can create a connection with the mind of a viewer watching it and giving them complete knowledge about the brand value and how it is it beneficial for them like by sending them emails or some other offers using social media. So click to read more on the online sites now.