Is Madonna a Typical Leo?

Madonna the Celebrity

Madonna was born under the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo. Leo is an ostentatious and glitzy sign and in this respect, Madonna can be seen as being typical of her Sun sign. Leos are generous, with high energy, exuberance and they are full of self-assurance. They love to be in the limelight … they love to be on centre stage. Ruled by the Sun, Leos have sunny and optimistic personalities. They are sociable; they like to party, they love to have fun. Being a Fire sign, Leos will seem to have endless energy.

Leo and Creativity

Madonna is a woman of many talents. Leos are incredibly creative and they shine like a star no matter where they are. Madonna’s debut album was released in 1984; it sold well but it was her next album Like a Virgin that made the most impact. Her live performance is as highly regarded as her albums.

Virgo Rising

But she wasn’t always so charismatic and friends from her youth remember her as being a little ‘aloof’. They say she took herself more seriously than most did in their teenage years. She was a cheerleader, but also a free spirit and a thinker. One friend remembers her as being ‘kind of shy’. Madonna has Virgo rising and she also has the Moon and Mercury in Virgo. This strong Virgo influence will make for an analytical, thoughtful and intelligent personality. This is the person behind the glamorous exterior.

Good health will be almost an obsession with Madonna and not just physical health but spiritual and emotional health, too. Currently stress is affecting her well-being and it has been said that despite her incredible fitness regime, her health has started to suffer. With so much Virgo in her chart, Madonna will have a tendency to worry a lot. This, coupled with her Leo Sun suggests a tendency to over-dramatise her feelings. She is intense and she feels deeply but with the gregariousness and extroversion of Leo fighting within her with the introverted and analytical side of Virgo, she might unintentionally at times rub people the wrong way as she alternates between holding back and letting go in expression. With the facility of kundali match, Leo will match with the required results of the players. The meeting of the requirement is there when the signs in the planets are understandable. The sharing of the information is adequate and essential for the person. No alternatives are available for the kundali matching features. 

Typical Leo?

This Leo grabs her fair share of the limelight; she is multi-talented, creative, imaginative and a great performer. Her well crafted public persona, her image changes, her creativity are all thanks to the bubbly Leo within. Her more private side, the Virgo within her that is more analytical, more serious, more private is kept well hidden. For as those who know her say, ‘The the private side of Madonna is very different from what you see on stage.’