Learning about the laurels of Josh MacDonald

Automation softwares are the next big thing in the market and everyone needs to get acquainted with the basics of the same. One of the biggest names in the market for it is Josh MacDonald. His books and experience in the field are highly helpful for the aspirants looking forward to making a career on this front. Already having founded two successful software companies and an e-commerce brand, his rich experience in the field is something to take inspiration from.  see here to find more about his works and how has he set up the mark in the field.

Educational details

Josh completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. His three ventures were set before the college, during the college, and immediately after graduation. Currently, all of them have been acquired by different agencies and are making their marks in the market.

List of ventures

Since the age of 14, Josh has had a knack for the internet and has been helping various companies in developing search engines that are optimized as per the business requirements. Some of his early ventures include the following:

  • Creation of marketing opportunity in 2010 to sell pre-made Micro Niche Google Adsense sites that can create an online craze and help the businesses keep a track of their numbers. This offered him a good deal of money to fund other software projects, and he had to outsource the labor externally since he was not into coding at that time.
  • Development of the first software at the age of 16, by the name of Keyword Scout. This was sold at the worth of 6 figures and developed at a time when technological exposure was limited. During his classes, he used to run on BlackBerry and during the nighttime, the same used to get shifted to the workstation.

  • After 5 years, he had already gained experience in search engine optimization and was teaching millions of marketing professionals the tips to ace in the field. His channels on Udemy, Youtube, and Clarity became some of the highest selling points.
  • The knowledge-sharing experience was extended to other websites also, like Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Life Hack, and many more. Hence, there was no point where he refused help in sharing the immense knowledge to the world and creating the best opportunities out of those.

Publishing the book

At the age of 21, he published the first book of his life, The Non-Technical Founder. It shows the blueprint of the strategies adopted by internet companies for laying their foundational stones. It consists of the interview experience with 24 millionaires and billionaires and sums up very well the different strategies adopted by them. Now, it has become popular in nations beyond the USA and can be found in the libraries of some of the hotshots, like MIT, Stanford, Yale, Brown, and Columbia Universities.

Therefore, refer to his works online to gain more ideas on automation softwares. Follow his Youtube channel and you would never regret the time invested.