Life Coaches: Using the Law of Attraction for a More Positive Life

Life coaching can benefit everyone. A life coach can help you in many aspects of your life, and there are many different types of life coaches. I am a holistic life coach. I use an integration of the mind, body and spirit to help people better there lives. The one true way to have a better life is to believe your life is better. Embrace positive thinking, use the law of attraction to your advantage, and get everything that you want in life.

Sounds easy, right?

If you have ever had the chance to read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne you know what I am talking about, and you know it’s even easier than one would think to draw more positivity into their lives. There is also a wonderful documentary that goes along with this book, and it can be viewed on Netflix’s instant streaming videos, if you are interested. “The Secret” doesn’t have the corner on positive thinking though. This way of bettering your life has been around for much longer than the book has.

Start your trek into the world of positive thinking by changing your way of thinking. Abandon all negative self-talk. When you think negatively of yourself people will begin to see you in a negative light and you will put off a negative attitude that will turn people away. When negative thoughts come into your mind you should quickly turn them around. Having a bad day? You think nothing ever goes right. Stop that thought right away and focus on the things that are right in your life. It can’t all be bad, so focus on what is good.

Think it, see it and then accept it. Those are the three most important steps in following the law of attraction. Think positive thoughts. See positive things happening to you and in your life. Accept that what you think and see has actually happened and then it will. The universe is powerful, and it gives us everything we want. But it only knows what we want by the things that we think and feel. If we think negative and feel negative it just gives us more and more negative. Change your thoughts to positive ones and you will see more positive things come into your life as time goes by. But remember, the universe does not have a calendar. Things will happen at their own pace, not necessarily as fast as you would prefer them to!

If you read my past life coaching article on journaling you will know that this technique is a great way to help you get what you want in life. Start a positivity journal. Use it to write down all of the things that you want in your life, write them as though they have already happened or you have already gotten the things that you want. Make it a fun journal, draw in it, write some things bolder than others. Let your positive thoughts flow onto it’s pages. If it’s money you need, write down how much. Write yourself a check for that amount and keep it in the journal. Don’t think about it in terms of not having it, but as if you have it. Write down stories of how you have spent it. See yourself spending it as you write in your journal.

Put it out there to the universe and then wait, patiently, for your rewards to come in. Don’t let negative thoughts slip in or you will lose all you have worked towards. The secret is to be positive, even when it’s hard to be!

Keep in mind that manifestation Magic is designed for everyone so it is better to utilize it to perfection in order to avail the positive aspects of life where you have everything going for you without any worries because the law of attraction gives everyone a deep sense of bliss with soothing calmness to the mind.