Make Your Cannabis Plant Grow Happy – Know the reality 

In this article you will learn how to make your cannabis plant grow happy,cannabis plant life cycle and cannabis history

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So if you are growing cannabis and need to know how to keep it green and happy to get the best potent and abundant yields or if you just want to know a bit about the cannabis plant then read on to the end and I know we can agree you will find what you are looking for…..

In the history of the cannabis plant the USA has benefited greatly from its use since our fore fathers where developing this great nation of ours.

George Washington used to supply various industries with cannabis plant fibers that were used to make rope and sail canvas for navies around the world not to mention clothes oil extracts etc.

All grown at mount vernon it even was the leading cash crop in 1700’s . in the 1619 the virginia colony passed a law that all farmers were to grow cannabis.

in 1632 in conneticut and Massachusetts legislation was passed and refusing to grow cannabis plant during the 17th,18th,19th centuries was mandatory jail sentence.

So were have our values gone maybe that is why the economy has gone to shit. In the 21st century we are doing the opposite throwing growers in jail for doing the things our founding father encouraged when building this great nation of ours.

It wasn’t till 1931 that 29 states outlawed marijuana/cannabis and until 1932 that the federal government pressured states to adopt a Uniform State Narcotics act but still not until the Boggs act and narcotics control act did they really go after it.

So if growing cannabis do it legally and get a cannabis card/medical cannabis card

The environment temperature of a cannabis plant

cannabis mustbe kept at a temperature of 70*f-77*f when growing cannabis indoors for optimum growth during hours the lights are on

at dark times you must keep the grow room never below 60*f the cold will shock plant and slow down the growth of the cannabis even kill the plant.

cannabis growing could be done in a cold environment the cannabis plant can survive but it will grow slow and the yield will not be as danky and big as a weed plant grown in the right environment(70*f-77*f).

To keep your cannabis plant happy and strong try to keep roots warm at a slightly hotter temp 80*f that way if there are any temperature changes in above in the plant foliage the roots will help the cannabis leaves with warmness to prevent shock to growth.

If you are growing a couple of plants you can use heating pads to keep your roots at 80*f but if growing cannabis in a larger scale you might benefit from a recirculating water heater which you can purchase in home depot or similar stores.

To keep your plants at 70*-77* you want good air circulation get a inline fan pushing cool air in thru the bottom of the grow room because hot air naturally rises to the top you want to a fan pulling hot air out at the top plus a couple of circulating fans to spread C02 thru out the cannabis plants environment.

Humidity is tricky if growing with cannabis seeds you want 60% humidity during veg stage, during flowering 55% humidity week 1,50% week 2-5, 45% week 6-7 and 40% week 8-9 or until harvest.

This decreasing of humidity is to avoid mold on your buds because a fully grown cannabis plant absorbs more moisture and if to much moisture it will develop mold naturally in nature winter is less humid or during harvest because at a temperature of 70*f the air can absorb 7.2 ml of water and at 32*f it can only absorb 5 ml.

C02 levels for a happy growing cannabis plant should be at 1200 PPM if kept at this rate you will see tremendous differences, your growth rate will increase 20% and the growth size to 30% and when alking buds that’s 30% more doobies and 20% faster which equals a happy stoner right?

Never let the C02 levels reach higher than 1500 PPM because these levels are toxic to plants and will grow stringy .

To monitor your C02 levels in your cannabis grow room you can purchase a digital C02 monitor or the least expensive way is a Active Air Co test C02 Test Kit.

When providing C02 there are a lot of choices you can get co2 generator kits or dispensers etc but its easy to make at home using a 2 liter bottle,aquarium air tubing,warm water, sugar and baking yeast.

You want the C02 coming down on the garden because its heavier than oxygen.

a happy cannabis plant will need nutrients depending on the life stage of the cannabis determines the N.P.K. levels it needs NPK stands for Nitrogen,Phosphorus, and Potassium.

In the vegetative growth cycle you will need a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content,medium phosphorus and high potassium level.

Every fertilizer has a NPK levels on the package the proper one for a vegging cannabis plant should read 3-1-6 or at least 2-1-2 but you can choose from the best variations just as long as it has a high medium high level(example here).

A flowering cannabis plant will need a low nitrogen,medium to high phosphorus,and high potassium it should be 0-3-6 or higher.

The cannabis plant absorbs nutrients better when Ph levels are neutral at 7.0 to monitor PH levels there are strips and drops.To balance PH levels use PH ups PH down solutions there is a kit from General Hydroponics GH1514 Ph Control Kit

Includes 8oz bottle of pH Up which is used to elevate it to the desired level

Contains 8oz bottle of pH down which uses food grade phosphoric acid to lower the pH to to the desired level

Includes pH Test Indicator tube:fill a test-tube halfway with nutrient, add a few drops of pH Test Indicator, and observe the coloration of the liquid in the vial.

Essential ingredient to the happy cannabis plant is proper lighting in the vegetative state the cannabis plant benefits from a bright white light and a 18 hrs on 6 hrs off light cycle

It has shown to have better resultsit is due to the fact that roots grow stronger in dark periods which will make for a stronger plant.

For vegetative cannabis growing it is better to use a metal halite or T5 florescent bulbs that you get a blue

white spectrum.

In the flowering stage of the cannabis life cycle you want to run a High Pressure Sodium light to get a harvest sun spectrum/reddish spectrum to mimic a fall sun light

To induce flower you want to change the light schedule to 12 hrs on 12 hrs off

for best results keep lights as close as possible to cannabis plant foliage with out burning or over heating proper ventilation is required keep lights about 14-18 inches from plants.

you can hang a thermometer in the middle of the foliage to know the exact temperature.

If you are growing in 7×7 grow room you need a 1000 watt lamp to give sufficient light or 60-80 watts per square feet for optimal cannabis growing.

there are many things to keep in mind before choosing the right lights to use in your setup you got to remember that you have to keep the room at optimal temperature so you have to have good air circulation to keep the HID lights cool.

there are led lights that don’t run hot and some say they work just as well and save on electricity bill. I have never tried them but you can experiment with your light source and see what work best for you.