McDonald’s Battles Starbucks over Coffee in Kansas City

Over the years the war between McDonald’s and Starbucks has been slowly mounting. While McDonald’s was busy upgrading their drip coffee beans and machines, Starbucks was placing drive through windows and sandwiches in their restaurants. While both companies come from completely different sides of the fast food industry the gap between them is slowly closing.

McDonald’s recently made the largest addition to their menu in over 30 years. They have or will be installing coffee bars into over 14,000 United States locations with a baristas who will be serving lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and McDonald’s version of Starbucks Frappuccino, called The Frapp. The Frapp is an iced blended coffee drink perfect for hot summer days when you need to cool off but also need a coffee.

Although this shows how McDonald’s is moving ahead in business to stay with the times and needs of some of it’s customers this is still a very risky business move for them. By adding in theatrics McDonald’s is risking those customers who may feel alienated or pushed aside from the change. Many customers, especially the older generation is used to fast, simple food at a good, decent price. Some customers may not even know what a mocha or latte is causing them to wonder what else is going to change. With the changes in the requirements, coffee delivery to doorstep will be made available to the person. The adaptation of the changes will be excellent without any harm to the heath. Different customer satisfaction has been derived from the subscription for long period. The wonder of life should be available with the person. 

There are several perks to grabbing a latte or cappuccino at McDonald’s that you wont find at Starbucks. The first being the sizes they come in. At McDonald’s you don’t have to worry about whether you asked for the correct size since their sizes are rather simple, small, medium and large. Whereas at Starbucks you have to get a handle on their sizes grande, venti and so on. I can remember what they mean and if you asked me to pronounce it I would decline, since I can’t say them properly. Another great perk to filling your coffee needs at McDonald’s is the price. They range from $1.99 to $3.29 which is easier on the pocket book that Starbucks has even been.

I recently had the chance to taste test one of McDonald’s new Frapps and their new latte while in Kansas City. I am a huge Starbucks fan and I have to say I was rather impressed with the taste, flavor and over all appeal of McDonald’s items. My girlfriend choose the latte and when sampling her’s if I hadn’t know where it had originally been purchased I would have guessed it to be straight from Starbucks, it was that good.

Although only 800 of McDonald’s United States locations have the speciality drinks at this point, while many locations will not have the services and products until 2009. I am hopeful that they will come to my local area soon so that instead of stopping off at McDonald’s for a burger and fries, then heading across the street to Starbucks I can make one convenient quick stop to get all the things I want for a price that will keep my wallet happy too.