Millenaire Mod Npc Village

Millenaire mod NPC village when paired with Minecraft alt generator gives you a wonderful world of NPC and their village-building progress in your lonely single-player world. Previously, if you do not go online and are playing Minecraft in single-player mode, you will realize, how empty the Minecraft world without other players. To shake off this lonely feeling, there is this new Millenaire mod NPC village that creates NPC (non-playable character) with whom you can trade. There is also another feature of this mod. This will also give you an amazing view of those NPCs, in the progress of making their own village.

Millenaire Mod NPC Village Minecraft 1.2.5 – Gain Reputation to Unlock Items

This mod does not simply add NPCs to fill in your empty single-player world, This Millenaire mod NPC village created the whole social system in the Minecraft world, where you have to maintain a tolerable behavior, establishing a good relationship with the NPCs, and this is the best part. There is a reputation parameter in Millenaire mod NPC village. If you behave well and treat your neighborhood with great care, you will gain a reputation and as your reputation keep raising you will unlock items and rewards throughout the game. You will never get bored of playing in the single-player mode now. The NPC villagers also come with many types. There are farmers, lumberjack, wives, children, guards, priests, and smiths. They do work as their title profession.

Millenaire Mod NPC Village Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install It

First, you need a ModLoader and the millenaire mod NPC village for Minecraft. Make sure that your Minecraft is compatible with the mod. After that, go ahead and extract the Minecraft mod and the ModLoader. Later the extracted data will be dragged to the Minecraft bin file. How to find it? Go to the Start menu, then type %appdata% in the ’run’ column. Look for the Minecraft folder then enter. Enter bin, then run the minecraft.jar. Delete the META.INF folder. Make sure you remember this because if you do it without deleting the META.INF, the installation would not be successful. After deleting the META.INF folder, drag all the extracted files from the mod and the modloader, to the Minecraft.jar. After that, close all and start playing Minecraft like usual. And you will see NPCs therefrom Millenaire mod NPC village.