Minecraft Doctor Who Mod

Okay, seriously Minecraft junkies, you have to check out this mod as well as try this Minecraft premium generator before you use the mod. If you are a Doctor Who fans you will absolutely sh*t your pants. Heck, even if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, you will at least pee your pants.

Without further ado, the following is a breakdown of what this Minecraft Doctor Who Mod (AKA Dalek Mod) comes with.


Have you always wanted to do time travel? Like traveling to other planets? Now you can with the ancient time machine. The TARDIS also has alternative interior designs for you to play with.


Lots of Doctor Who mobs were added including Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Timelords, Empty Mobs, and the Ice Warriors. These mobs are one of the best features of the Doctor Who Mod.

Sonic Screwdriver:

Now, this is a nifty tool to have on hand. The Sonic Screwdriver can send Redstone signals, ignite TNT, open iron doors. It also comes in different designs so you can get all crazy and stuff with trying to match it up to that cute outfit you are wearing


Okay, yeah so planets can travel too. Sweeeeet! A few planets include Gallifrey, Trenzalore, and Skaro.

Story Mode:

This is not ready yet but soon will be so we thought we would mention it. This will be a gameplay experience that will work in conjunction with the Mod Division and will be playable from within the Doctor Who Client Mod. How cool would it be to re-enact some of Doctor Who’s past adventures while flying through space? This Story Mode will make that possible.

Vortex Manipulator:

Have you ever wanted to travel to past versions of Minecraft? Well, now you can! With this 3D item, you can travel to past versions of Minecraft Doctor Who style. Go back in Minecraft history and play the Cave Game, check out Minecraft Classic, and heck even Minecraft Alpha. Some of you old school players may not want to revisit the past but for you noobs, this would be an awesome way for you to get to know the roots of Minecraft a little better.


Hey, why not dress in style and match up your clothing to the screwdriver we discussed above? The Dalek Mod (AKA Doctor Who Mod) comes with clothing such as the Ace’s Jacket, a Fez, and a Bowtie. Now go on and dress to impress!


Remember when the Doctor used a car to get around while exiled on earth? Eeek! The thought of getting around in a car!! Well, if you must you can drive Bessie around your world too.