Minecraft Microsoft Mergers – Know About The Mergers

Most of you probably know this by know, Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft. Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 Billion last 2014. Many of us got scared that Minecraft, the game that we all love to play, might not be the same anymore. We are always wary of change. Although Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft, Mojang is still the developers off the game. They just became of something greater and that can be a good thing. They can now have bigger resources to use in evolving Minecraft.

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Microsoft had already had eyes around for quite some time now but to no success. Later on there were other companies that expressed their interest in Mojang. Microsoft quickly arrange a deal that Mojang probably could not resist. It probably was not surprising to some of us as Microsoft and Mojang has already been working together for years now. So we should not really worry because even before Microsoft has bought Mojang. They have already helped Minecraft become the great game that we love. Mojang also said that they are confident that Microsoft will make Minecraft more awesome. They will not fail the Minecraft community.

Let’s discuss some few thing that changed after Microsoft bought Minecraft.

The People Behind Minecraft

Most of Mojangs staff still stayed working. Unfortunately most of the brilliant minds behind Minecraft won’t be sticking around. The creator Markus Persson and two other founders of Mojang left to work on different projects. Markus Persson said that he can no longer keep up with the demands of the Minecraft players. He does not want to be responsible in the decline of the game, so he handed it down to someone with more experience in managing such demands. He figured Microsoft would do a better job in improving and managing the game. Persson also added that he no longer handle the pressures and wanted to go back to become “a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.”

The Independency of the Game

Microsoft tried its best to not disappoint the fans of Minecraft as most expressed their grief that the game would no longer be the same. Minecraft was an independent game not restricted to a single platform. You can play minecraft on different platforms such as Mac, PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, and Mobile. It was also available for different operating systems. Being a cross-platform game was probably one of the reasons it is so popular. The fans feared that Microsoft will no longer make this possible and will focus the development of Minecraft in their own platforms. Fortunately for us this did not happen. Minecraft still remained a cross-platform game. Microsoft knows that the success of the game was partly because of the very active Minecraft community. So they listened to what we fans have to say.

They know that Minecraft has players from MAC, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, and Android. So they will not be taking the game we love away from us. All versions of Minecraft will continue. They know that the sales would definitely drop if they would stop developing Minecraft on all platforms. Xbox and Sony Corp.’s PlayStation is around 30% of Mojangs sales and 38% for PC and MAC. They can lose half of Mojangs Sales if they would do so. Microsoft also let the independent Minecraft server hosting companies to continue providing Minecraft servers for us. Pretty much everything we loved about Minecraft was not changed by Microsoft. And as the game continues to evolve, we are sure to hope more great things to come out from the game.