Open Source Software Or Commercial Source Software: Which One Is The Perfect Solution

One needs to look into several factors while choosing software for a website. Whether choose opensource software or commercial source software. There are several popular options available in both the technologies which could be profitable. However, the question is which software would be best suitable according to the individual needs and the nature of the website. Thus, understanding the various characteristics is of utmost importance.

Open-source software is developed by the community of developers and depending upon the need of the software in the market it is modified further. Whereas, commercial, as the name suggests, is built for-profit companies and the main motive is profit maximization. The most popular open-source technology is LAMP, which comes with free licensing costs. MySQL database, Linux operating system, Apache Web server are a few of the technologies under LAMP. But when it comes to commercial software, licensing costs aren’t free and some amount of investment is to be made whatsoever. Some of the systems under this technology are Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Operating, etc.

Cost Of Ownership

Open Source SoftwareSo for this technology as stated before, the cost most of the time is free or very cheap mostly. So if the requirement of the organization is cutting down costs then open source technology could act as the best solution for the same in comparison to commercial source technology. However, it is to be understood that despite the costs one should focus more on the development of the website and what the technology offers for better development. Quality and features shouldn’t be compromised for the reason of cheaper costs.

Commercial Source SoftwareCommercial source software requires license purchasing and also requires some sort of investment as well in comparison to open-source software. The cost is not just any mere cost but requires a good amount of spending. It could rise to even a few thousand dollars. Certain software requires constant spending and thus, the investment is a recurring one. The features and characteristics provided by the software are more comprehensive and superior with several options for customization. As mentioned some amount of investment is necessary for prime development.

The Case For Commercial Technologies

Microsoft based software which comes under commercial technology is considered to be the best for organizations as it works well with the systems. These are considered to be appropriate because it integrates well with organizational structure. But to use Commercial source technology needs a proper set of developed plans and well-maintained schedules for efficient working. Thus, Microsoft related software are the best to be used under the commercial source technology as it serves the purpose right as well as adjusts with the system quite efficiently and is more user-friendly for users.

The Case For Open Source Technologies

If the organization is just beginning with the establishment of the website and has no specific plans for marketing and working, then open source technologies are a better choice to be considered. This technology offers several customizations and features even after being free or cheaper. Already customized options are provided under several systems. LAMP provides one such best solution. This system keeps on adjusting to the constantly changing needs of the organization as well. Further, with the constant development of the organization, the website can also get customized and expanded with any such restrictions. By using open source technology one can experiment with several web developers as the time proceeds and is not restricted to just one particular system. One can with a limited budget experiment more and therefore expand in the right direction better because the expansion is done steadily which helps to avoid instant heavy payments for the initial license purchase and other costs.


In conclusion, the major opinion as understood from the comparison is that open source technology could act as a better solution for the small and new organizations in the market whereas commercial source technology would be a better option for a well-established, expanded corporate organization with well-established resources for the management of the website.