Pro Tips For Finding The Heart of The Sea

Heart of The Sea is a very rare item that can be found in Minecraft and is obtained from a buried treasure chest. This item has a wide range of benefits and uses that can help you level up your Minecraft game. While exploring the minecraft game, players come across a lot of shipwrecks and ocean ruins that are present at different locations spread over the map. 

These naturally-generating structures can help you get hold of a great amount of loot. But nothing can get better than finding out a great treasure that has been hidden underneath. So, where can you find the Heart of The Sea? Let’s check it out in this blog and unveil the secret. Meanwhile, you can check out the full access mc accounts that are now available online.

How to discover the Heart of The Sea?

Before the players can use the Heart of the Sea, they’ll have to find it out from the secret treasure first. The best way to get this rare item is to discover the buried treasure chest. In order to locate this chest, the players have to find out a buried treasure map first. You can find such a map from the chests that are hidden in the ocean ruins and shipwrecks. These are the structures that are present at the bottom of the ocean sea floor. At times they can be seen popping out over the surface of the ocean.

Once you get your hands on one of these maps, you just have to follow the directions that are marked on it. Start digging the place where the map indicates about the buried treasure. X marks the spot of the treasure. Players have 100% chance of acquiring the item from the buried treasure chest. Therefore you can have a peace of mind knowing that your hard work won’t go in vain once you discover the chest.

How to use the Heart of The Sea?

Before you can use the Heart of The Sea, you have to create a conduit first. In order to do so, you will have to combine the rare item with 8 different nautilus shells at a crafting table. All these shells can be discovered from fishing as a treasure item. You can even purchase them from a wandering trader for around 5 emeralds per shell. So you will need atleast 40 emeralds for 8 nautilus shells for creating the conduit.

Place the Heart of the Sea at the center of a 3x3x3 radius of water that is surrounded by a good and robust frame. The water can be blocks or flowing water as well. To create the frame you can only use the prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, and sea lantern blocks to activate the conduit you just made.

The Heart of The Sea is a fantastic item to own. It can offer you a wide range of benefits like underwater mining speed, restores oxygen, and also underwater night vision.