Protein Shake Pre Workout Or Post Workout

If you are bored with gagging on terrible tasting whey protein drinks then you are in the right place. This Testogen review talks about one of the best pre-workout shakes that will also help you increase your testosterone levels before you hit the gym.

I am about to show in detail how to mix your whey protein powder simply, and numerous options for making it taste as good as a drink that you would order in your favorite cafe.

You wouldn’t think too much can go bad simply by adding two spoons of whey powder to a glass of your favorite liquid and stirring it with a spoon.

But what should ideally be a straightforward procedure can turn out to be a mini-disaster.

So here are my suggestions for mixing your whey protein. Your results may change a little between brands due to different ingredients but overall these recommendations should apply.

  1. Firstly and most significantly utilize a dry spoon for the mixing process.

When the protein has been added to the glass only then put it in the spoon and start mixing.

  1. A clear glass is best to use for mixing

Clear round-bottomed glass is superior to use for mixing as any whey powder not mixed can be seen simply through the glass and scraped off with your spoon and stirred till fully soaked up.

Also employing a round-bottomed glass provides help in the dry protein powder not sticking in the crevices at the bottom edges of the glass.

  1. Do not put excessive amounts of whey protein in at once

If the dose is 2-3 measures, don’t put all of them in immediately. Place in one level scoop at a time, stir well till mixed after which add another scoop. ( If you’re taking the 3rd scoop follow the same process. )

However, with this expounded, I personally prefer to use two full scoops put onto the top of 100ml of water, stick in a dry spoon and stir smartly, and have no problem at all.

  1. Do not use more than 100ml of fluid

There isn’t any need to use a lot of liquid, particularly water when mixing your protein. I would recommend using 100mls of water or juice and use between 100ml and 250ml of milk, SOY milk, or rice milk.

Almond Milk gives my favorite taste.

  1. Let the mix settle after stirring and wait ten seconds

By letting the blend settle after stirring it allows the taste to blend nicely into the mix. This ten seconds also permits any un-dissolved powder to hover to the top where you need to use the spoon to give it another quick stir before you drink it. Use the spoon to scrape any remaining whey and eat any of the mix sticking to the glass.

There you have it. A good way to drink whey protein without the lumps!

I’m hoping you enjoyed this information.

These tips are based totally on my past experience with Unkut Whey Protein products. While you could use them with other brands, you may possibly find they work best with the Unkut whey protein range.