Quizpin.com is to tell you about different Avenger characters

If you like to watch Hollywood action movies, then Avengers is certainly the movie you need to watch. Total 4 Avengers movies came out and became blockbuster worldwide. You need to know about these Marvel Superheroes a little bit before proceeding to watch these movies. Some of the most popular Avengers are Iron Man, Captain America, Vision, Spiderman, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, etc. Each of these characters has different powers and abilities that make them unique. You can visit https://quizpin.com to know more about these characters. 

  • Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America was the first Avenger. This Marvel superhero is also known as Captain Steve Rodgers. He has the power, strength, and durability beyond a normal human being. He was injected with some kind of super serum that made him powerful and strong. On the other hand, he also went through rigorous training to become rock solid. Years of combat have made him the most skilled fighter. Captain American has a shield made of Vibranium, which is considered an extremely durable metal in Marvel Universe. 

  • Iron Man: The Smartest Avenger

Iron Man is known to be the favorite Marvel superhero to most of the Avenger fans out there. He is the most intelligent and smartest Avenger out there. His company Stark Industries deal with arms and ammunition, and he is aka Tony Stark. He designed a completely equipped suit for himself. Whenever he wears this suit, he becomes Iron Man. This suit comes with several amazing features and powers that make him powerful. It has features like lasers, sensors, and flies with supersonic speed. The technological advancement that Tony made with his genius saved earth many times from different threats. 

  • Hulk: The Green Monster

Scientist Bruce Banner got exposed to Gamma Rays and became Hulk, a green monster. As a result, he possesses immense power, strength, durability, and healing abilities. He just finds it difficult to control himself once he becomes angry. But this Big Guy is good and fights as an Avenger. Bullets do not penetrate his skin as his skin is bulletproof. He is the most powerful Avenger.

  • Thor: The God of Thunder

Thor is the son of Asgardian God Odin. He is the heir of Asgard which is the protector of the nine realms. He is the God of lightning and has an enchanted hammer that he uses to fight the enemies. He protects Earth from any kind of threat. His hammer Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in Marvel Universe. He is certainly considered to be the strongest Avenger out there. 

  • Vision: An Android Robot

Vision is a robot that was created from the combination of AI of Tony Stark and Ultron conscious. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark made Vision with the power of Mind Stone. This Android robot later became an Avenger and fought alongside other Avengers.

Once you visit https://quizpin.com, you get to know that there are other Avengers in this regard, such as Black Widow, Hawk Eye, Black Panther, etc. Each of these characters has its roles and responsibilities.