Recovering From Soft Tissue Damage – How much time it will take?

After an auto accident, your body can have all sorts of minor, moderate or severe kinds of damage to bones, muscles, and body tissues. Experts have come up with an explanation of how soft tissue damage generally heals. Medical professionalize recognize different stages of healing for these kinds of soft tissue damages that are related to responses at a cellular level.

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Acute Inflammatory Stage

The first stage of the process, which is often called the acute inflammatory stage, can manifest for up to 72 hours after injury. Experts have further identified a sub-stage called active congestion, which might happen from 24 to 48 hours after the accident. This term can be more simply described as the stage of swelling and inflammation, where doctors may want to concentrate on reducing pain and treating areas with ice to diffuse heat and reduce inflammation that can cause harmful secondary conditions. Professionals can also use a simple acronym called RICE, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This is often the front line method for treating certain kinds of car accident injuries.

After the active congestion stage, there’s often a passive congestion phase of healing. This is where the initial body responses may slow down, but pain and swelling might still be happening. At this stage, medical professionals often try to increase circulation through tissue massage, hot or cold applications or other techniques.

The Repair Stage

As pain and swelling decrease, the repair stage can be anywhere from several days to up to 6 to 8 weeks after an accident. Medical professionals explain this process as a healing phase that includes the development of something called collagen. Collagen is a natural substance under the skin that is essential in regenerating damaged tissues in the body. Again, this happens at a cellular level, where capillaries in the area provide oxygen to the body in order to help it heal.

The Remodeling Stage

For up to a year or more after an injury, a chiropractor might see a patient as being in the remodeling stage of recovery. Here, doctors might try to help build more solid and high-quality collagen in order to develop healthy tissue. Different kinds of massage and physical rehabilitation may still be part of the treatment plan at this stage. Doctors might also use ultrasound or other methods to determine how well the body is responding to therapy.

This short overview of the main phases of recovery helps car accident victims to know what they can expect after soft body tissue happens in any kind of significant impact from a traffic accident. Get more details from a qualified chiropractor who can help you to deal with your injuries and set out to minimize damage and build your body back up to functional capacity.