Seattle, Washington: Bowling Alley Reviews

Seattle, Washington is a city with some great bowling alleys.

Given the challenging Seattle weather, it’s not surprising that many look for indoor pursuits when planning a party or looking for competition. While Seattle offers some great outdoor pursuits such as paintball and golf, when planning an event or even a weekly ritual, choosing one with a roof over your head is the safest route.

The following are the five best bowling alleys in Seattle, Washington.

Imperial Lanes

2101 22nd Avenue South

Seattle, Washington

Imperial Lanes is an AMF owned and managed bowling alley. AMF is the largest operator of bowling alleys across the country and, as can be expected, Imperial Lanes lives up to the quality and cleanliness standards of its parent company.

Imperial Lanes offers something for everybody. Imperial Lanes offers party packages, corporate events, and hosts a number of leagues for competitive bowlers. As with most AMF alleys, Imperial Lanes, at select times, offers “extreme bowling” which is bowling in the middle of a light show and loud music.

It is quite difficult to keep focus on the game if you have loud music playing in your ears but Imperial Lanes are too popular to be ignored and they have many conveniences that one simply can’t refuse their offer so people don’t worry about queries like what about the bowling ball but simply grab the opportunity and play.

It also offers what might be considered better than average bowling alley food, as the standard pizza and chicken fingers are surpassed by the Angus steak burgers and premium chicken sandwiches.

Sun Villa Lanes

3080 148th Southeast

Bellevue, Washington

Located only about ten miles from Imperial Lanes, this is another AMF owned bowling alley in the Seattle area. In many ways, Imperial Lanes and Sun Villa Lanes are similar. Both feature extreme bowling, party discounts and pretty good food. But they have some differences as well.

The most obvious one is the location. Sun Villa is in suburban Bellevue, while Imperial Lanes is in Seattle itself. In addition, Sun Villa Lanes has regularly scheduled Friday night xtreme bowling and slightly lower prices. But as with most AMF lanes, they both offer great quality and a consistent experience.

Skywalk Park Bowl Casino

11819 Renton Avenue

Seattle, Washington

Is this a bowling alley or a casino? Seattle is not a casino town, obviously, but Skywalk comes as close as it can to presenting a casino-like experience, albeit centered around a bowling alley. But they do have the licenses needed to host actual, money at stake, card games. But the bowling is not forgotten. Where else in Seattle can you bowl 24 hours a day? They have the requisite cosmic (or “cozmic) bowl, which is roughly analogous to the xtreme bowling offered elsewhere, great conditions and excellent equipment.

Magic Lanes  amp; Casino

10612 15th Avenue Southwest

Seattle, Washington

As with Skyway, Magic Lanes offers gambling, with card games ranging from poker to blackjack. And as with Skywalk, the bowling alley could easily stand on its own. In addition, there is a sports bar with two very large screen televisions, a family day bowling package on Sundays and multiple bowling leagues appealing to the hard core and recreational bowler alike.

Roxbury Lanes

2823 Southwest Roxbury Street

Seattle, Washington

Roxbury Lanes is often referred to as “Roxy’s Casino and Bowling”. As with Skywalk and Magic Lanes, this Seattle hotspot is known for its card games and bowling. There are many distinguishing features here. In addition to the gambling and bowling, Roxbury offers great Asian food, Rock and Roll Glow Bowling, and special promotions celebrating Father’s Day, holidays and Girls’ Nights Out.

Of all the bowling alleys in Seattle, Roxbury Lanes is probably the busiest, with the most promotions, specials and social aspects.