SIX ways to grow the Sound Cloud community: tips for aspiring musicians

If you’re still an aspiring musician, it can be scary to think about starting to promote your music. Where to start if you have no contacts in the industry? What if your budget is low? The tip is to look for the best online application. Sound Cloud is an excellent platform for aspiring artists like you to gain awareness and a following. It was designed to be simple. It saves your music and readily shares it on Facebook. Sound cloud also offers gifts, such as the distribution of free tracks. However, building a community is not an easy task. 

Use Sound Cloud ads

Sound Cloud allows you to promote your music. There are a variety of Sound Cloud ad types among which short snippets stand out. To enable your tracks, you must first enroll in the Sound Cloud Premier program. The Premier plans allow you to earn money directly on your promoted titles. However, if you want, you can buy sound cloud song plays to throttle up your profile instantly. 

Buy Sound Cloud games.

Your sound cloud song must play better to get new followers. People tend to hear your tracks when they see a lot of other people listening. One effective way to get that boost is by purchasing Sound Cloud games. Many online providers offer various game packages. Some providers may offer 1000 games for as little as $ 4. Before buying Sound Cloud games, do your research carefully on each provider. 

Comment on related Sound Cloud tracks

Connecting and commenting on other Sound Cloud artist’s tracks in your niche is an effective way to network and attract more followers. It also makes you more visible to other artist’s listeners. The key to this strategy being effective is leaving high-quality comments that would lead to a conversation. Do it constructively. Once you have a continuous dialogue with other artists and their audiences, you will inevitably draw them to your community.

Connect with bloggers

By reaching out to music bloggers, you can increase the visibility of your music outside of Sound Cloud and gain new followers. There are plenty of blogs out there tailored for your specific genre. These blogs are often looking for new acts that are an excellent opportunity for you to get their attention. Talk about exciting stories behind your tracks or aspects of your music in general.

Post in music forums 

While social media is the dominant online advertising channel for musicians these days, forums are still invaluable for attracting new Sound Cloud followers. Reddit, in particular, is still a popular place to find contemporary artists. Familiarize yourself with the posting rules before submitting your titles to a forum. Instead of just deleting your Sound Cloud link, provide context to it.

Connect with influencers

Promoting your Sound Cloud page and tracks on Twitter will give you a significant boost in getting influencers to tweet your links. One way to use these influencers is through sponsored tweets. Here you pay influencers to recommend your music to their followers. The cost of sponsored tweet campaigns varies. It depends on the popularity of the influencer.