Stay Active At A Desk Job: Top 10 Ways

Working at your desk job can be really lethargic at times which is why it is really important that you keep yourself active and efficient all the time. Your office chair plays a vital role in this as well. The Office chairs guides here will help you understand how your office chair affects your efficiency. Besides that, here are some really easy and effective tips that you can follow. 

  1. Using a stand-up desk is a really great way through which you can stay active as you work in your office. As you start working in your office while standing, you will find a significant improvement in your body posture, blood circulation, and your attention as you work on your laptop. Although, it will take you a little time before you can build up the stamina to stand up all day long.
    While choosing a work desk for yourself, just make sure that you are comfortable with the height and width of the desk. 
  2. If you are tired of sitting on your office chair, then you can also use an exercise ball which is a great way of correcting your posture. As you use an exercise ball instead of a chair you engage your back muscles and abs that is really good for your body. 
  3. As you work for long periods of time, in order to maintain your efficiency you can assign break time after a certain interval of time so that you can get away from your screen. During your mini breaks you can stretch out or go for a little walk in your office as well. This is a great way through which you can maintain your productivity in your office. 
  4. If you are trying to keep your body in shape while working in your office then the treadmill desk is just a perfect option for you. With the help of the treadmill desk, you will be able to walk at a slow pace while working in your office. Although, it may take you some before you get used to this machine. 
  5. If you are not allowed to leave your desk while working then one of the easiest and sneakiest ways to remain active while keeping your body in shape is through ankle weights. With the help of these ankle weights, you can get your leg muscles toned all the time. Moreover, you will burn extra calories as you move around in your office with these ankle weights. 
  6. A mini exercise bike is another effective yet easy way through which you can improve your body circulations and blood flow easily. You can get yourself a mini exercise bike that fits perfectly under your desk so that you can keep pedalling as you work in your office. 
  7. If you are aware of surfboard desks then you should probably get one for yourself. With the help of these amazing yet useful surfboard desks, you can improve your balance and engage your core while working in your office. Moreover, it is discovered that your heartrate increase by 15% as you use these surfboard desks. 
  8. If possible you can also conduct walking meetings in your office. Moreover, you can also go out for walks as you attend any phone call while working in your office. This is a great and effective way through which you can keep yourself active while working in your office. 
  9. Stretching at your desk is really important as you should keep moving your body at regular intervals of time so that you can improve the blood flow in your body. You can look online about some really effective and easy stretching exercises that you can do in your office as well. 
  10. Lastly, during your lunchtime, you can visit any fitness centre that is around your office. You can do a quick workout session and get your blood pumping.