Surviving the first night in Minecraft

The new creation

Minecraft is one of the alluring games amongst the adults and kids equally. Known for its perfect elements, the game has already created an impact in terms of stratification and out-of-the-box thinking. But, with the right amount of grit and dedication, things become a smooth sail, and the players succeed in creating their first world within the game. But, it is equally important to maintain it and succeed in terms of outside invasions.

This question comes particularly in the minds of the players- how can you survive the first night? Read on to find more, along with alt account minecraft.

The basic schedule

On the first night, survival becomes a question as the character would have limited resources and the night breeze would be tough enough to pose a challenge. Thus, survival requires the player to abide by the following rules:

  • Finding the trees from nature and harvesting the wood out of them.
  • Building a table for keeping the necessary stuff from the game.
  • Building a house to cover the head and spend a peaceful night without fear. 
  • Fabrication of multiple weapons of usage that can act as defense tools against mobs and other vicious elements. 
  • Using the tools to catch animals and use them for survival.

Though all of these points sound pretty ordinary to the reader, following them often requires a good amount of dedication and may not be that easy to implement. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Tips for survival

Along with finding the sources of alt account minecraft, the players are interested in learning tips to survive the first night. The following points mention those in a crisp:

  • The basic tip, which is recommended only for those players who are very new to the realm of Minecraft. Under this, one has to execute four tasks- cut off the wood from the trees and then use those for making a table, shelter, and wooden sword and shield. These act as the basic defense mechanisms and aid in hunting at night or keeping the character safe amidst the growing disturbance at night. 
  • The next tip includes going the extra mile to ensure that extra protection is offered and the player is doubly sure of the safety and regulations. Like the previous point, it also includes collecting basic resources like wood and using those to create necessary items. But the extra mile involves using the hunting equipment to kill animals and collect food from them.

This can be done by hunting animals like sheep, laying traps for blocking the animals and then collecting energy and food from them, or looking at caves (which can house the toughest animals like lions). Therefore, in this, the matter comes to both food and basic survival.

  • The third tip comes around being aggressive and taking the spice of adventure. After having the required tools ready from wood and collecting the food by killing animals, it includes going on adventures and finding the potential points for another habitation (like caves, villages, homes, etc.). It also includes fighting zombies and completing quests to win prizes and points. 

This involves a good amount of strategy and can be solved by multiple iterations of the same set of resources. And the best part is, you can experiment on different factors and chart the best survival kit.

And all of these tips have their pros and cons. If you are a novice, then go for the first one. In otherwise case, you can try the second and third one and kick-start the journey with the potential and perfect tool.