Technical Advice for Stir and Deep Frying

Sir Frying

Stir frying is a style of cooking which retains the color and the fresh flavor of vegetables by cooking them in a small amount of oil quickly over a high heat. The combination of seasoning and stir frying meats, fish, and poultry retains the natural juices and flavors of the ingredients. All ingredients in any given recipe should be cut into similar sizes and shapes. They should be cooked over high and even heat until they are just cooked and pleasing to the eye. Always judge by tasting as you go along and correct the seasoning. In many traditional Chinese recipes, the main ingredient of meat, fish or poultry are first quickly stir fried in hot oil until the color changes. The oil used to do this is not as hot as for deep frying and the purpose of this process is to tenderize the ingredients as well as to prevent it from sticking together.

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Points to Remember in Stir Frying

Make sure your ingredients are completely dry as any excess moisture when placed into oil will cause dangerous splattering. Remember to turn the wok and make sure the surface of the wok is coated with oil so that foods will not stick and burn. Use high heat and turn the ingredients quickly from the bottom of the wok upwards with the spatula. Remember to consider the order of the ingredients which are to be cooked. Spring onions ginger, garlic or other herbs should always be stir fried first. In stir frying recipes, vegetables and meats are cooked separately and then combined.

Deep Frying

Deep frying is a style of cooking which retains the flavors of ingredients by immersing them in a wok of oil over heat till they become crisp and cooked all through.

Points to Remember in Deep Frying

Ingredients should be cut in uniform size in the same cutting manner. Uneven size will cause uneven cooking.Give the ingredients light seasoning before cooking. This is characteristic of Chinese fried dishes.Prepare plenty of frying oil, enough for the ingredients to be completely immersed. The temperature of a large amount of oil is more stable.Put a moderate amount of ingredients into oil. Putting too much at once into the oil will lower the temperature and it will take some time for the oil to return to the right temperature. That will affect the finish.The temperature of oil should be kept between 320 degrees Fahrenheit and 380 degrees Fahrenheit.The trick is to finally turn the heat to between 360 degrees Fahrenheit and 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Scoop all the ingredients at once. It will prevent uneven cooking and the finish will be pleasing to the eye.