Tennis Shoes And Sneakers – Is There a Difference?

Tennis players do not only need the best racket to bring on their A-game. Along with the appropriate racket and outfit, there is another important factor that affects their game. It is the shoes that the player chooses for the tennis match. In the sports section – in both online and retail stores, one may have come across ‘tennis shoes’ and wondered if they are any different from the regular sneakers. Some beginners even tend to think if there is a need to purchase separate ‘tennis shoes’ if they already own multiple pairs of sneakers. Here is a comparison between tennis shoes vs sneakers

Sneakers – can they be used on a court?

Sneakers are fashionable shoes that have rubber soles for daily, casual wear. As they are not specifically made for the sport, sneakers cannot offer the support that a tennis player needs. A player makes quick movements on the court. A sneaker does not offer lateral support or contain shock-absorbing material. Thus, using regular sneakers for a tennis match can not only be uncomfortable but also result in ankle injuries. 

Tennis shoes for the court

Tennis shoes are just a kind of sneakers that are specially made for tennis players. A tennis shoe helps a player make swift movements without injuring the leg. A shoe meant for tennis will offer lateral support so that the player can comfortably move in all four directions. The shoes have shock-absorbent material to prevent friction in the player’s joints. Moreover, they contain extra rubber padding to prevent wear and tear in the toes. Finally, tennis shoes have non-scuffing soles so that the court does not get damaged with the marks from the shoes. 

In short, a person who has purchased a tennis shoe can use it as a sneaker. But all sneakers are not fit for use on the tennis court. 

Are all tennis shoes the same?

Even within the category, not all tennis shoes are ‘equal.’ All the plethora of varieties that one can find in the market can be classified into three main categories.

  • Lightweight shoes

It is a recent trend to look for lightweight shoes. Players need to move quickly on the court, and a lightweight shoe can compliment them in the game. Although naturally, the weight of the shoe will increase as the size goes up, some brands make special lightweight shoes. It is evident when one compares the same shoe size in various brands. 

  • Durable shoes

The soles and the toes of a tennis shoe frequently come in contact with the court. Thus, many players compare quick wear and tear. This issue can be solved by using tennis shoes that promise durability. It is achieved by adding a strong outsole and extra padding near the more prone-to-wear and tear areas.

Additional features

Apart from extra durability and lighter weight, there is yet another category. These tennis shoes offer the best stability. As one cannot achieve that best stability with lightweight shoes, these are a bit on the heavier side. A player can choose an appropriate category of shoes based on his/her preferences.