The Best Softwares for Torrenting on macOS

A prime matter of concern for many Mac users is – how to download torrents on Mac? Which is the best software, concerning ease of use, simple interface, and less CPU? Well, look no further, for this article lays down five of the best services you can use on your iPad or MacBook to torrent files – easily and conveniently! 


uTorrent is still the go-to software for most users while downloading files via torrents. It is fast, easy, has an attractive interface, and allows the feature to search for torrent files within the app itself. There are ads, and they can sometimes be a hassle, but you have to remember that, after all, this is a free app. To remove these ads, you have to purchase the Pro Version, but uTorrent remains a viable option for daily use. In the latest edition of Apple, Big Sur, uTorrent can be accessed only via the web client. 


Folx provides the best alternative to the frontrunners of torrent clients like uTorrent for Mac users. It has Big Sur compatibility, a huge bonus that places this app on some aspects above all others. Also, it has a remarkable search option tool within the app, which makes your browser irrelevant while searching for torrents. Also, it boasts advanced features like download scheduling and speed control, leaving all control of your files at your fingertips. 


The first difference users will notice in Transmission after shifting to this app from a different torrent client is its breath-taking interface, which is perhaps the most congruent with the Apple OS. It has a minimalist design and offers incredible features like secure encryption, speed limits, trackers editing, and so on. In conclusion, this is perhaps the app which both professionals and beginners will flock to, owing to its simple interface and professional features.


Vuze is another incredible app that is compatible with the latest editions of macOS. It is exceptionally user friendly, and although it uses a high percentage of your RAM, the result is worth it. Vuze comes with an HD player plugin, another great feature that is not found in other torrent clients. This means that it can convert and play a digital file you download upon its completion, rendering an external media player like VLC or QuickTime effectively unrequired. With Vuze Plus, the user can play while the file is downloading, an absolute gem of a feature.  


BitTorrent owes its popularity to the simple, sleek design (much like uTorrent) as well as the low CPU usage. This means that you can leave your files on downloading, minimise the app, and complete your other tasks without fear of your PC crashing or overheating. Like the other apps, it also boasts an extensive search option, where you can type in what you need, and the search engine directly brings you the magnet link or the torrent file.