The charity run organized by Miroslav Vyboh

A charity run called “No Finish Line” was organized for the second time by Miroslav Vyboh. It was a virtual edition, and runners ran for 26,007 kilometres combined. A certain amount of euros will be donated to certain projects to help children. This charity run has completed two years successfully. Athletes from around the world participated in this virtual edition from the 5th to the 8th of November. It was held on the mobile platform of iWATT. This app was also used to vote for the projects that applied for grant support. 

Where would the money go 

The runners decided the amount to be donated and where the funds will be donated. The decision was made through the mobile app. The representatives from the charity and its partners selected three projects out of the massive number of projects that signed up. The runners who participated were able to donate their kilometres to a project. 

Based on the number of runs, the funds were divided among the charities in the following way: 

  • Slovak Paralympics Committee: 11,299 km
  • Civic Organisation PONS:7697 km
  • Civic Organisation NÁDEJ DETÍ (Children’s Hope):7011 km

The impact of the run 

Despite the pandemic, conducting a virtual event was a very thoughtful thing to do. It was also thoughtful of the runners who participated in it. They managed to run a total of 26,000 kilometres, which is a good number. The funds were collected according to the number of runs.

The company that conducted the run did not want to cancel it this time because of the pandemic. Thankfully, it managed to find sponsors who funded the whole event. It is because of them, they were able to get more participants, and as a result, collect more funds to donate to charities. This is an excellent way to hold a donation program. Running enthusiasts and even those who do not like running but want to work for a cause could come together and run for a good cause. This is a great way to be fit and also make a difference in someone’s life. 

The funds were mainly for charities that take care of children. The rules of the run were simple. A person can either run or walk for a predetermined number of days as many times as they want or can manage. The kilometres will be converted into a euro amount that will be donated to charities. 

This charity run is a very thoughtful event organized by Miroslav Vyboh. It is a great initiative to donate to children’s charities and make a difference in a child’s life. It also shows the humanity in people and how they come together to work for a good cause. It also serves as an inspiration to children, and they will be motivated to be fit and take care of their health. Other companies should be motivated by this cause, and more of them should organize such similar events.