The Timeline Of Cars With Pictures Transition Is Stupendously Stylistically Stunning!

Cars were, are, and shall always be a symbol of pride and prestige. The person who owns it has so much affection for the car. Whether you are rich or poor, the car is always a dream car for people belonging to any category. The car lovers turn with awe when a vintage car passes by the road. The glitter in the eyes says a lot. Car lovers are so interested in knowing about the specifications of different cars, their origin, etc.

How about knowing the entire journey of cars? The automated car you find today is an extremely advanced version. However, the car in its initial stages was manual, in different shapes, etc. What are the different transitions? It is a very curious question. Let’s try and find answers to these questions. Have a look at the timeline of cars with pictures.

The incredible evolution-

When you looked at the pictures of cars when they were just invented, there is a certain kind of admiration and disgust at the same time. One thing that one notices is the change in taste of car designs, exteriors, finishing, etc. The journey for cars has not stopped a bit. There are so many plans and projects in the pipeline. If things turn out to be well, the future generation will enjoy one of the best of its kind.

The first actual automobile is said to have been invented in 1886. The attempts of developing an automobile before this is not considered as it used steam power. The very first car had only three wheels. Today’s generation cannot even imagine it.

  • 1900-1930
  • Between these years, there were considerable changes made in the cars. What are these changes? Wear your seat belts and zoom. Around 1908, there was a drop in the car’s pricing, which made it affordable for the common people. 
  • Within 2-3 years, in 1911manual hand cracks were replaced by electrical ignition starters. The button start that is a thing today has its roots back then.

Turning on the music while driving sets the mood like nothing else. Do you know where it dates back? 1930 is the year when first-time radios were included in the cars.

  • 1931-1950
  • The quality of a car is determined when it passes through a bump. How swiftly and smoothly it moves is a matter of prosperity. In the year, 1934 each wheel was given a coil suspension spring for this luxurious ride. 
  • The beep sound of unlocking the door is like music to ears. Similar technology was invented in 1949.

  • 1950-1970
  • Under the scorching heat, you cannot drive without switching on the AC. Thanks to the year 1953 in which it was initiated. 
  • These days not wearing a seatbelt is a serious offence. However, when was this system started? To feed your nervous mind, the seatbelts were included in cars in the year 1959. 
  • Two major yet common features of cars today was a luxury back then. Electrical windows were added to car design during the 1960s.
  • 1970-2000

ABS technology, GPS, etc. were included during these years. After the 2000s, everybody is aware of what all innovations were added.

How interesting the step by step up-gradation of these cars is. It is as though a ladder that the car designers kept on progressing. What the future holds is unknown. There is one certainty that whatever the transition is, the luxury quotient is going to shoot up.