The Unusual Beauty Hacks- Know About The Bizarre Medical Spa Treatments

Everybody wishes or admires, visiting the spa regularly. It not just fills the body with new energies but also provides calmness to the mind. The back pain and accumulated stress disappear when the massage therapist’s soft hands or the masseuse are pressed against your stiff back.

Top 5 bizarre medical spa treatments-

Are you ready for a launch? Hold your seatbelts tight because the information you are going to read ahead is going to be mind-boggling. You might leave the article craving for one of the treatments. You can always be a part of the medi spa advertising program by PracticeBloom for amazing revelations and discounts. Here are few of the bizarre beauty hacks that will surprise yu for sure:

  • Flow with fishes

You might have seen a pond with little fishes in a mall or something. People dip their feet into it and have relaxing expressions. That’s exactly the treatment that is being talked about. It is believed that the fishes eat away the dead skin and rejuvenate your spirits. It is an extremely popular Japanese medical spa treatment.  

  • The gliding snakes

Imagine snakes of different textures, colours, and sizes are gliding over your body. The reading itself gives a unique sensation. Some spas make use of these snakes to help you relieve all the pain and aches in your body. It might sound appealing or disgusting to you, but the treatment seems to have some benefits.

  • Cryotherapy

In this therapy, you are placed into an environment that has -100 to -110 degrees Celsius. Feeling cold already? It is unimaginable. However, people do come out alive because the treatment is done under close supervision. It is beneficial for chronic pains in the body. The chilling sensation itself would release all the pain. 

  • The poop is on the loop

You might be wondering what exactly does this mean. Have you ever heard of Geisha’s facial or the nightingale facial? Even though the name sounds decent when you know the treatment’s details, you will be left speechless. You might frown when a bird poops on you. However, you do not know that it is a kind of medical spa treatment. Yes, you read it right. The bird poop powder is used to exfoliate the skin.

  • The sucking leeches therapy 

It sounds not just gruesome but also disgusting. However, for ages, sponges are believed to suck the impure blood out of the human body. These are trained leeches, and they are not directly placed on the body. There is an entire procedure for it. Even then, the thought of leeches on the body is traumatizing. You can still consider it, as leeches are believed to cure different types of ailments.

You must be thrilled. To cool you down, the article shall end with a few benefits of spa treatments. Nobody wishes to look old, and hence these treatments are known for anti-ageing, better skin, etc.