Things You Need to know about CBD for Dogs

Over the years, CBD oil has been proven to be beneficial to human health. It can be used in providing treatment for wide variety of diseases like anxiety, depression, body pain, cardiovascular disorder and so many more. But the power of CBD oil doesn’t stop in human body. Several studies suggest that CBD oil can also be used to animals. Study claims that the effects of CBD oil to human body are just the same with its effects on animals. Hence, a lot of dog owners are considering cbd oil as a form of treatment for their beloved animals. If you are a dog owner and you want to try cbd for your pet, here are the things that you need to know.

What is CBD?

First and foremost, you need to understand first what CBD is. Basically, CBD comes from either cannabis or hemp. CBD is very easy to get and it can provide tons of health benefits both for human and pets. Usually, cbd can be bought in the market in the form of oils, pills, and even sift chew that can be taken orally. There are also products like capsules and biscuits that you can find online. One of the best things about cbd is that it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. This means that your dog wont get high after taking cbd products. When it comes to legality, CBD is now accepted and legalized in some countries. This product has been one of the hottest topics and arguments across the globe. But as research and studies continue to explore and discover more about CBD, some countries are now starting to accept cbd for medical purposes. As a pet owner, you need to know this so you are aware about the current position of cbd in the market. For more information, read more here.

Now that you know that cbd can be beneficial to the health of your dog, you may also want to ask if it is safe for your pet. Well, most of the vets would agree that it is not advisable to give your pet intoxicating amount of THC. This is because THC can be very dangerous and it contains psychoactive properties that can make your dog high. So, the next question now is, ‘is CBD better and safer than THC?’ The answer is maybe. You have to keep in mind that dogs have different health condition from one another. This is why it’s really important to consult first with your vet before using any products for your dog. This is for the health protection and safety of your pet. 

Overall, cbd is very beneficial both for humans and animals. Noise phobia, inflammation, loss of appetite, pain, anxiety and epilepsy are just some of the conditions that CBD treats in dogs. But then again, before letting your dog to take anything, it is important to be knowledgeable about the product and most importantly, consult first with your vet.