Tips on Making Removable Furniture Cushion Covers

Many use different things to cover the furniture. This will keep the cushions clean or if worn cover it up. Throws are used most often. Covering the seat or the whole chair with a sheet is an idea. Also covering the sofa or loveseat with thin plastic with keep it clean another is to purchase furniture covers. The furniture covers can be very costly. Then they never fit. Each of these will move every time they are sat on. The covering has to be straighten when used. Having fabric recovered is also costly. There are ways to make a cover for the furniture cushions. This is a tip to make one that will not need adjusting. They are inexpensive to make depending on the material chosen. They also can be taken off to be washed.

Furniture cushion covers can be made with any kind of fabric. Some that are less expensive is sheets or blankets. The cushions on the sofa, chairs or loveseats are different sizes. In this case it may take more then one to cover them. Having a queen or king size will work well. Of course the material used would need to match the back. A solid color is great.

These are things needed to make and do the covers. First things are the cloth with thread. Also scissors, measuring tape, pins and sewing machine are needed. Now measure the cushions front to back, side to side and thickness. Next, cut the material chosen by the measurements giving an extra inch for seams. It will take a top and bottom for one cushion. Cut the bottom part which should be shorter. Allow five inches more. Now fold it from side to side and cut to have two bottoms. This will be for the seam and to lap over on the underneath. Then four strips for front back and sides.

After the cover is cut it is time to put it together. With the pins attach the strips together. Now stitch them together until all ends are sewn. Usually chair cushion are not square. So there should be two long and two shorter slips. Next, turn the fabric where the good side is in to sew. Take the sewn strips then pin the front to the pieces. Then sew down one side to corner all but a quarter of an inch from end. Lift the pressure foot to turn the material. Once the cloth is turned sew about an inch then back stitch to end. Repeat this until all of it is attached.

Now it is time to do the back or bottom of seat. Since it was cut bigger measure the top allow one inch for seam. Next, seam each one of the bottom pieces one inch side to side. Then lay flat placing them together overlapping the seamed sides. Measure it to get it the same size as the top. Attach the overlap with a pin on both ends. With making sure everything is turned right repeat the same as top.

When finished just turn then take a pin to pull the corners out completely. This way they actually look like corners. The cushion itself will have to be folded to place it in the cover. It will be a tight fit. But it will look neat, cover any torn places, and also keep it clean.