Top Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Turns 50 Boasts His Abs And Biceps

On the 9th of April, one of the best fashion designers of the world, Marc Jacobs, celebrated his 50th birthday. The top fashion designer has never looked so fit and handsome before: toned, tattooed, ripped body attracted not only women but also men on the beach of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marc Jacobs came to Brazil with his boyfriend, a buff porn star harry Louis, to boast his perfect body. He is also the author of several blogs where he shares all his insights on different themes such as 5 Benefits of Buying Wholesale Clothing, How to keep yourself fit, etc.

Marc Jacobs may look fantastic now; however, he was quite a different person when he began his career. His hair was unkempt; baggy clothes were awful, while excessive-fat posture had nothing in common with today’s Jacobs. Back in the ’90s, the New York native worked for sportswear label Perry Ellis. Although Jacobs did not show his body off, it is clear that he was not muscular and had no tattoos. In 1992, he revealed the “grunge” collection for Perry Ellis. By the end of the ’90s, Marc Jacobs started to get fat.

His out-of-shape posture was so common to him because he never tried to take care of himself. In his interview with Harper’s Bazaar, he said that he worked in the studio for 16 hours a day. As a result, Mr. Jacobs looked more like a geek than chic by 2005. He wore large framed glasses, unkempt hair, and had a double chin.

The fashion designer decided to take care of his body in 2006. He changed his lifestyle and lost a lot of excessive weight. In the interview, he stressed that he had over 20% of body fat because he ate too much junk food. After the nutritionist’s advice, Jacobs dropped caffeine, dairy, white flour, sugar and began to exercise every day. The designer joined a gym, scrubbed up, and cut his long hair. Jacobs grew his stubble to look sportier. In his interview, he admitted that he liked his body when he lost much of his body fat. In 2009, when Jacobs grew muscles and got a tighter posture, he began wearing brighter clothes.

As a result, he became handsome. His recent ad campaigns demonstrate his body and impeccable physique. Jacobs posted nude for his signature fragrance called Bang. The designer is happy to work as a model. Now, Marc Jacobs is a creative director for Diet Coke and he has managed to strip off again, showing off his toned biceps and tattoos. One of the tattoos is the word “shameless,” and it seems that a 50-year-old designer has nothing to be ashamed of.