Top Features To Be Added In Music Streaming App

Are you going to launch new music streaming app? Are you confused about its key to success? If yes, do not panic; the market holds much space for a nice music streaming service. But you need to add advanced features to your music streaming app to make it stand out from the crowd.

Let’s first highlights the steps undertaken to create a music streaming pp-

How to create a music streaming service?

To develop a music streaming app, you need to follow some steps, which I mentioned below-

  • Market investigation
  • Minimum viable product
  • Prototype
  • Technical specification
  • UI /UX design
  • Development 
  • Release and support
  • Testing

If you have the required knowledge, you can complete these stages by yourself, or you can hire a professional team to outsource your work. 

Let’s focus more precisely on the features of music streaming application

Features of music streaming applications 

As we know, the demand for these music streaming apps grows along with the requirement; this makes the user more alert while choosing the right app. So you mean focus is to create a unique app with features equipped with solving current listener’s struggles and gain popularity over other music streaming apps.

Registration and login authentication

The user needs to register or log in through his or her Gmail account to enjoy the features of the music streaming app. The app needs to provide a highly personalized experience for users like you can directly ask questions about user’s music preferences.


The app should be designed in such a way that it allows the user to search the song not only by song name with the artist but also blue genre, mashups, mood remix, etc. Users are looking for such advanced features in the music streaming apps.

Music categorization

You can provide categorization of music On the basis of a year of recording, popularity, playlist, other ratings, activities, genres, Mood, etc., for a smooth experience. This feature allows the user to feel free to search any track and artist. The music arrangement is the key feature to impress your potential customers.

Social media integration

You can design your app by adding appealing UI UX design and social media integration to attract the attention of your customers.

Music player

Listening to your favorite music track is the basic feature offered by each music streaming app; you can add some additional music player functions like tuning option build shuffling, radio submissions, set timing in the player. In addition to this, allow the user to mark his favorite songs and make a personal playlist of it.

Pre-save option

You can upgrade your app by providing pre saving option, which allows the user to listen to those albums which are already announced but not available for listening to. You can offer the user to get the album downloaded automatically once it appears at the service.

Push notification

It is genuine that the user won’t listen to radio submissions music app throughout all day, so these notifications will remind the user about useful updates, events nearby, Favorite artist’s release, latest music news.