Travel Tips for Southern California

When planning a vacation, it is of utmost importance to figure out where you will be staying, so that you can schedule your activities accordingly. You do not want to lose valuable vacation time driving hours from a remote hotel location to vacation hot spots. It would be wiser to look into what attractions you want to see on your vacation, and then find a place to stay within that vicinity. This is especially important in California due to its immense size not only of the state itself but of its traffic jams too.

Before choosing where you will be staying, you must first choose the type of housing you will need. If you are vacationing in Southern California, then a beach house rental would likely be the best option. San Diego vacation rentals are mostly inexpensive and provide a SoCal atmosphere that cannot be attained in a hotel. Imagine spending a week or two right on the beach. You can spend all day swimming and sunbathing, and then walk just a few feet to retire for the night and repeat it all over again the next day. Many Californians do not even get to experience the luxury that italy and switzerland tour packages offer.

Now that housing type has been covered, let’s return to location. You want to find a vacation rental that is located near or in the center of all the vacation spots you would like to see during your visit. Mission Beach (top photo) is a great central location to plan your vacation around. It boasts two major tourist attractions, Sea World and the Mission Bay Boardwalk, in addition to plentiful beaches. The Boardwalk is suitable for families as well as single adults. The historic Belmont Park amusement park is sure to entertain children and young adults, while parents and adults can check out the various bars, such as the Wavehouse and the Coaster. Nearby Pacific Beach is also noted for its bars, clubs, and nightlife in general.

Carlsbad is another good starting point for a Southern California vacation. It is home to Legoland (the only US location) and the new Sea Life Aquarium, as well as a myriad of beaches and lagoons. Located in North San Diego County, Carlsbad is well-situated for those who would also like to explore Orange County and Los Angeles during their Southern California vacation. If you do plan to see Orange County in addition to San Diego, make sure to leave between the rush hour periods. SoCal freeways get clogged up during rush hour, so not heeding this warning could result in lost vacation time.

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Amanda is a writer and blogger living in San Diego, CA. She loves to boast about the beauty of her hometown and often recommends to family and friends who are staying at San Diego vacation rentals to hit up all the trendy beach hangouts like Mission Beach, La Jolla and Pacific Beach.